CoR Award Winners 2013

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CoR Award Winners 2013

Post  The Personification on Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:08 pm

Rising Star Award

Mean Machine

Worst Wrestler Award

Axel Crow

Moberz That Was A Fucking Brilliant Decision Award

Re-Signing King Edge

Moberz That Was A Fucking Stupid Decision Award

Agreeing to Trey Johnson being the GM of Annihilation

Most Missed Star Award

Hank Gently

Tag Team of 2013

Clown X

Baddest Bad guy of 2013

David Train

Goodest Good Guy of 2013

Mr. Nice Guy

OMG Moment of 2013

Rob Bailey tortures War Machine's Father

Wierdest Moment of 2013

Keith even though he is a ghost not only enters the Carnage Rumble but is also able to be eliminated when both his ghostly feet touch the floor...

Most Crushing Moment of 2013

Hank Gently Fails to win the World Championship despite King Edge tapping out

Betrayal of 2013

King Edge turns his back on the Sullivans and CiR fans by aligning with David Train

Most Shocking Return of 2013

Crazy Christopher returns to CiR after 2 years out to help Moberz fight David Train

Match of The Year Award

Double Down Elimination Chamber Match - DangerZone

PPV of 2013

Extreme Rewards III, Risk - Decision will be made on the night via the CiR App...

Power Couple of 2013

Repo & "Old" Mags, The Personification & Caramia Sullivan, King Edge & Brooke - Decision will be made on the night via CiR APP

Wrestler of The Year Award

King Edge
The Personification

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