The CiR Divas Division Return

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The CiR Divas Division Return

Post  Kaleb Konnely on Wed Mar 19, 2014 1:05 am

So Steven and I have planned the return of the CiR's Divas Division.

Currently we are looking at building it up this season and come next season before DangerZone, we kick start it off with a Tournament for the Vacated Divas title. Over the course of 4 weeks Divas will brawl it out and be eliminated and moved on until Week 5 when the final 2 will face off to win the Divas CHampionship.

So the plan this season, is to throw subtle hints about a "return" (Words of Steven) of something and as it edges near the end of the season more and more hints will be dropped. At Week 5, we can have the official announcement from Co-Gm Brooke that the Divas Division is in fact returning.

and as said earlier

Next season we can kick start the official Divas Division with The Divas Tourney leading up to DangerZone for the CiR Diva's Championship.
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