War v War

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War v War

Post  War machine on Tue Aug 12, 2014 6:52 pm

Angle: War Machine is shocked and stunned when another War Machine clad in the original War Machine attire turns up with Brooke ready for the three way dance at RISK

PLAN: When War Machine lost to Trey Johnson he "suddenly" turned from scarred, disfigured despot to handsome, long haired rockstar wannabe, only Sister Agnes (now gone) and Sister Rose know who performed the "surgery" so it's open to debate who is actually the real War Machine....

ACTION: I'm gonna write for both War Machines, one War Machine is a fake but which one? With such a dubious past for both of them it's gonna take some working out but if everyone is happy I'm happy to literally feud with myself for the next season.....

War machine

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Re: War v War

Post  Moberz on Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:24 am

That sounds like a plan War. Dhampir will be Dr. Horrible's new man for the Three-Way but honestly, if you want going past RISK a War Machine Vs War Machine feud could be a really good one to go with, especially considering the chaos of after RISK. We could eventually have Masked War Machine allign back with Dr. Horrible like he did with the Patients - So we'd have Rocker War Machine [reluctantly] allied with David Train and Masked War Machine allied with his old mentor in Horrible.

Plus if you think Masked War Machine would have similar gripes with the David Train regime as other members of the TNG [So would Dhampir btw] since both were fired and forgotten about by David Train despite both being popular up and coming stars and were brought back by Horrible [Or in War's case Brooke - but the moment she's gone after RISK it leaves Masked War Machine to return to his natural ally]


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