Coming Back and Looking for a Feud

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Coming Back and Looking for a Feud

Post  Steven Rausch on Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:02 am

Hey guys, I'll be coming back in time for Season 36 and would love to fall into feud with someone looking for an active RPer. If I don't know you and you need to see a sample of the way I write, check this one out:

I've got plans for lots of arcs over lots of seasons, but I'm open to basically any kind of season-to-season feud you want to throw at me.

As for the character I'm portraying this time around, I just updated my bio and bumped it to the top of the Bios page. TL;DR : I'm coming back as a road-travelled, indie-conquering worker who just wants CiR gold more than anything in the world, considering his checkered past with the company. As time goes on, it'll become apparent that his generic "good guy athlete" shell is a cover for something a little more heel-y, but when that turn occurs depends on the feud we weave.

Get at me, guys!
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