Extreme Rewards Main Events

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Extreme Rewards Main Events

Post  Moberz on Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:38 am

Extreme Rewards I
Lee Jordan Vs Big Boss Guin - Last Man Standing - Annihilation Championship

Extreme Rewards II
The Personification(c) Vs Moberz - 60 Minute Iron Man Match - BuM & CiR World Heavyweight Championships

Extreme Rewards III
Begbie(c) Vs Moberz - Hell in the Cell - Mondial ULTIMATE Championship

Extreme Rewards IV
King Edge(c) Vs Moberz - One Fall - CiR World Heavyweight Championship

Extreme Rewards V
Johnny Zero Vs Dhampir Savant - One Fall - Special Referee: Moberz - CiR World Heavyweight Championship

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