CiR 2015 Award Winners

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CiR 2015 Award Winners

Post  Jimmy James on Wed Dec 30, 2015 10:13 pm

Wrestler of the Year Award

Rising Star Award
Terry Fying

Worst Wrestler Award
Kelly Early

Most Missed Star Award
Chris Jackson

Rivalry of the Year Award
Jimmy James vs. King

Match of the Year Award
Team Moberz vs. The New Generation

Tag Team of 2015
Rob Bailey and Carnage Incarnate

Baddest Bad Guy of 2015
Alex Scott

Goodest Good Guy of 2015
Mr. Nice Guy

OMG Moment of 2015
King Edge wins the CiR Heavyweight Championship at the end of Extreme Rewards V

Weirdest Moment of 2015
Rapper Cobalt beats up the oiled up Lego “Terry Fying”

Most Crushing Moment of 2015
Why wins the CiR Double Down Championship, only to lose it mere minutes later

Betrayal of 2015
Moberz turns his back on the two superstars in the main event of Extreme Rewards V

Most Shocking Return of 2015

PPV of 2015
Survive & Conquer

Power Couple of 2015
Jimmy James and Kelly Early

Best CooR Show/Segment of 2015
“Creation of CooR Championship” episode on January 15th, 2015
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