Starting a Feud

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Starting a Feud

Post  PFM on Tue May 17, 2016 8:35 pm

Hi, I am new in the Fed and I wanted to see if someone wants to have a Feud with my char, and talk about what could we do in the next shows, I know we are in mid season, but if someone doesn't have a feud yet, I am in! My guy is Face, but he can fight against whatever, he doesn't care if it's a face or heel or tweener.

We can talk about ideas later but some ideas could be:

-We fight in a match which would start the feud, it could be a back a forth match, maybe interrupting some matches of the other one, the typical wrestling thing. this could end as a Rivalry kind of thing more than a hate feud.

-One of the two makes a not liked statement in a segment so he confronts the other one, which starts the feud, maybe if it's my wrestler case, the other guy could insult the new guys, or the debutants, or just do something to get my char mad, he doesn't normally would start a confrontation with someone without someone starting it, but we could work that out, it may be easier the other way around my character jokes about something and he gets someone mad.

-Just random attacking, someone uses my wrestler as to make a statement, so my char gets mad so he fights back in next weeks, and so.

We could have more creative ideas but as we are in the middle of the season, it may be hard to have a very profound and complicated feud. but if anyone it's interested just tell me and let's get to work Smile

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