Board room chatter

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Board room chatter

Post  BDR on Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:26 pm

In a big office, four men sit on one side of a table. The other a white haired man with a black suit sits the other side. The face of the new star can not be seen as the camera is behind him. One of the men look at the other three and sign the contract on the table and slides it slowly to the man in the black suit.

Board Member.:'' Now this is what you have waited for. All you have to do is sign here and your a member of the roster.''

The unknown man nods and looks at the contract and flicks threw it before holding a gold pen and scribbling his name. Sliding back the file he looks at the board members and stands up fixing his suit as the camra swings around. The camera moves from his waits up to show the face of Brandon flair smiling.

BDR:'' Wooo..Here is two a new a great new year. Thank you all for your time and this Opportunity.''

Fans can be heard in the back round cheering and wooing as Brandon shakes the members hands. The camera moves back and fades.

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