Dead are coming.

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Dead are coming.

Post  BDR on Sat Dec 24, 2016 11:06 pm

The arena goes dark, the screen lights up. There is a foggy Picture of a graveyard. Old grave stones, some on there sides, some over grown, some broken. The camera seems to glide among them. 'Nightmare on Elm' street plays in the back round as a voice comes in.

Unknown:" Every few yeas it is said the dead rise and join the living. The Mexicans believe it is loved ones coming from the heavens to be with there loved ones once more. Some of the Catholic faith even say its a haunting.

The Camera moves left and down a dark path. There is a dark Gothic like grave ahead with old steel railings. The camra moves forward slowly. A owl is heard in the back round breaking the silence of the night.

Unknown:'' Some people say the dead should stay dead and not come back..But there is always a way to come back. The devil always finds a way to bring a advocate to do his bidding for him. This year will be no different. The towns people thought he was dead and gone forever..but..

The Camera moves upwards showing the gravestone with the name ''Kevin Dark' on it, slightly covered in moss and dirt. the Music gets louder as the camera now rises over head and points towards the dirt of the grave as it starts to tremble and move..

Unknown Voice:''He is BACK..and his coming for you...!"

A hand slowly breaks threw the dirt u in front of the camera as the camera focuses on it a few moments before Lightning flashes and fire rises from the arena Ramp making a lot of the fans Jump before the camera fades to black.


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