N's message to Jeremy

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N's message to Jeremy

Post  Mister N on Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:44 am

The crowd is silent, waiting for the next segment. The titantron then starts to flash different colors, before coming to an image of a chair, and a grey wall. The people in the crowd aren’t sure what to make of this. Then suddenly, Mister N appears from the side, and the crowd starts cheering loudly. He starts to speak

Mister N: Jeremy Rock…

The crowd gets silent, eager to hear what N has to say

Mister N: Who the hell do you think you are…

N sits down in the chair

Mister N: I mean, let’s get one thing straight here. Last week you disrespected me. My victory over Solomon Snake was supposed to be a special moment, because after all, it was my CiR debut. This was the match that was going to start it all for my CiR career…but Jeremy Rock…I don’t think you got the memo. I don’t think you understood that this was my moment, my time. Because you strolled down to that ring anyways, delivering what could be quite possibly the worst piece of music I’ve ever heard. But more than the music, it was the fact that, and I’ll say this again, you disrespected me. I cannot stress that enough. People suffer for things like things like this, and tonight? Well, tonight’s your turn.

Crowd starts cheering

Mister N: You see, I’ve just been told that I’m going against you this very show. And not only that, but should I win, and I will, I’ll get a shot at that Alpha title you so graciously carry with you. So that’s two victories in one. Along with beating some respect into you, I’ll also get a shot at the title. When will i get that title shot? To be honest, I don’t know. But that’s not my focus right now, because in a couple of moments, I’m going to be heading down the ring getting ready for my match. The first of two matches, actually, because let’s be honest, we all know I’m going to beat the hell out of Jeremy tonight and earn myself that title shot.

N pauses for a moment, and the crowd starts cheering again

Mister N: And Jeremy, you might have more experience here in CiR, you might have a title on your shoulder, you might know how things work around here, but quite frankly, I couldn’t care less. Any success you’ve experienced in CiR…starting tonight, I’m throwing all that success straight down the drain, and ruining your whole goddamn career.

N stands up, looks at the camera one last time, and walks away while fans are chanting his name.
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