The Free Agent

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The Free Agent

Post  Joey Leclair on Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:15 pm

The camera pans backstage where Bex is seen standing outside the General Manager's office.

Bex : Guys I am backstage waiting for someone to leave this room, because I have heard through inside scoops that our General Manager is currently in a meeting with a major free agent, and I am going to be waiting right here to get interview CiR's newest superstar!

As soon as she finishes talking the office door steps open, and a blond petite girl steps out wearing a school girl outfit.

Bex : Haley? That means!

Haley winks at Bex and then walks past here as a handsome heavily tattooed man steps out of the office and takes one look at Bex and then walks past her aswell.

Bex : Joey wait! Can I get a quick word with you?

Joey, and Haley stop in their tracks and turn around looking at Bex patiently.

Bex : So I am guessing that you are now a official member of our roster right?

Joey looks at Bex and smiles.

Joey Leclair : Nope

Bex looks shocked.

Bex : Why?! CiR is the pinnacle of wrestling federations! We have the best talent in the world here so why did you not sign?!

Haley puts her hand in front of Bex's face.

Haley : We know that this is the place to be, and Joey is very interested in being apart of this federation, but Joey what they was offering my husband was not worth his time, so we have decided that until they offer Joey a contract that suits his talents? You can catch is in the crowd as fans each and every week.

Bex : What exactly kind of offer is Joey looking for?

Haley gets an annoyed expression on her face.

Haley : That is private information that I do not wish to discuss.

Joey places his hand on Haley's shoulder.

Joey Leclair : Babe lets go get some popcorn, and make our way to our seats.

Haley looks at Joey and nods as they both turn and walk towards the concession area.

Bex : Well that interview was a bust... sorry to let you guys down.

Bex nods her head as the scene fades out.

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