It's getting into my head - Joey is mentionned

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It's getting into my head - Joey is mentionned

Post  BBR on Sun Jun 04, 2017 11:17 pm

The camera fades in showing Kory Lanes in the parking lot talking on the phone.

KL: '''s getting into my head it's killing me from the inside...I got cocky...and too confident ''

Kory's Dad on speaker phone: '' Son you've faced bigger obstacles in your life don't let this get into your head. ''

'' I know...but I feel like since I signed the contract my life ain't going the way I wanted to argghhh! ''

'' Listen son, this is part of the game you need to focus on little goals first find your field and work in it.''

A little moment of silence.

'' Joey Leclair is a big fish, you've met one of the greatest of all time even if you manage to reach for a victory over him one thing for sure is that you went toe to toe with this man and this is what I call guts and experience. Don't be like your brother and let anger take over your own thoughts. ''

'' I'm nothing like him dad...but still wish I had him by my side... ''

'' No KORY! You don't want him by your side he is the devil...he did bad things all that for money! You are our biggest pride Kory never forget that. ''

Kory's head drops

'' But he is still my brother dad... ''

'' He was...''

'' Anyways dad...thanks for the support...I will try to do my best and get back on track. ''

'' Do whatever you have to do son you deserve the best nothing less I love you.''

'' I love you too dad. ''

As soon he hangs out his phone he gets out of his car and start walking towards his locker room
as the cameraman captures a shadow standing behind Kory's car staring at him and the video cuts off

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