System hacked

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System hacked

Post  BBR on Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:52 pm

Jake: What a night we're having tonight, the crowd is on fire, the arena is once again sold out what can we ask more?

Stan: I don't know Jake, I'm just happy and very proud to be part of the team keeping my name in the history of CIR.

Suddenly the lights shuts down as the titantron start acting weird then an image appears on the big screen.

Unknown voice: For years, I've been trying to caught your eyes but nothing...I knocked on your doors every single days of my life...and no live up to your reputation...then I will to mine...I will force myself in...I will make Carnage my show...and the new comers...your future? Will be the first in line to feel the pain...

The video cuts off

Stan: I don't know what was that we couldn't speak or anything we're sorry about that.

Jake: We just received a message we got hacked people.

Stan: Whoever did this I hope it was only a joke nothing else.

Jake: I don't know Stan but I hope too.

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