I'm proud of you ( Infamy )

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I'm proud of you ( Infamy )

Post  BBR on Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:42 pm

Camera fades in showing up Rachel Leblanc on the big screen immediately getting the fans in cheers.
Rachel Leblanc enters her locker room getting surprised by Big Boss Rosario who was waiting for her in her room.
As soon she sees him she jumps in his arms giving him a big hug.

Rachel: Boss!

Big Boss still with the arms open slowly close them hugging her back.

BBR: Hey sweety.

Rachel let him go and takes a short step back and look at him.

''What are you doing here?''

Rosario smile before giving his answer.

''Well I couldn't miss your first ever title shot. How you feel right now?''

'' I'm a bit nervous to be honest, I've been eating vanilla ice cream all morning Boss!''

Rosario laugh a bit.

'' It's all normal if I can tell you a secret when I first had my first shot at the tag team belt back in 2010 I had diarrhea all day before going in the ring so I guess your nervous habit is kinda sweet comparing to mine...he...he...''

'' Ewwww! ''

'' Anyways I came here to tell you that I Am so proud of you Rachel and I got to be honest I never thought you were going to climb the ladder that fast. ''

'' Neither did I...I mean I Am motivated but making the champion tap not once but twice? Gave me the confidence I needed to reach a certain balance in my mind...and I mean now that I've shown the world of what I'm capable of the odds are almost even...''

'' You really impressed the world and everyone at home is watching you tonight but remember do let this come up to your head and let your guard down eh? Being confident is a great but being over-confident might mislead you after all you're going against the leading woman of the division and she is no rookie she knows things most of the rest of the roster doesn't know that's why she is the champion...in other words stick to your plans and be aware of her technique. ''

'' Thanks Boss, I really appreciate your support and everyone at home in Montreal...I will do my best to not let them down...and yes I won't let my guard down...Alyssa is the champion and I won't take her in-ring skills for granted she still has something in her bag I know...but I also need to say beating her twice in a row...probably got her in a corner...which means I have to take control of the situation and make this match my moment...no matter what tonight I will be walking out a winner. ''

Big Boss puts his hand on her shoulder.

'' You will be walking out as the champion sweety and I will be the first hugging you when you walk back with the championship around your waist. ''

Rachel smile as she looks deeply in Rosario's eyes while the cameraman slowly zooms in gradually fading to black.

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