It's a new day yes it is. - collab with Joey Leclair

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It's a new day yes it is. - collab with Joey Leclair

Post  BBR on Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:49 am

Light goes off keeping the stage and ramp illuminated and No Church In The Wild starts playing in the PA system.
The crowd quickly realize it's Big Boss Rosario's theme song and explode in cheers.

Big Boss slowly walk on stage letting the crowd feed him of cheers, he stops near the ramp and pulls out his cigar from his jacket's pocket and lights it up. Takes a puff from his cigar and blows the smoke away.

Big Boss makes his way to the ring under the applause of the fans, climbs the steal steps and enters the ring slowly taking the middle of the ring.
The ring announcer gives him the mic and walks away.

The music fades out as the crowd takes over with the cheers.

Big Boss takes his cigar out of his mouth with his right hand and brings the mic in front of his lips as he begins to speak with the left one.

BBR: '' I'm back! ''

Crowd re-explode in cheers.

'' I've been cleared to make a comeback, I've been cleared to wrestle again but before I start with my boring speech...I would like to tell you all that I Am sorry...''

'' I'm sorry for lying to you all...I'm sorry for coming down to your house and have the plan of destroying it...I'm sorry for being the person I always hated...''

'' When I first signed the contract...when they putted the contract on the table and they offered me a title run...I had in mind to steal the championship and burn it down to ashes...I came to Carnage with the mindset of a devil...I wanted to take down the company for all those years of Chaos in the industry that this - points down - company caused for years...I wanted to be the one turn this place upside down like they did with my they did with Flaming Skull they did with Hardcore Wrestling they did with New World they did with my dream...Montreal Wrestling Alliance...''

A mixed reaction from the crowd can now be heard.

'' I came here cause I had the mission to be the one taking down the company...but when I realize I was becoming what I always turned everything down and sent me back home with another concussion...''

Stops for a moment

'' I went back home and start thinking...where I'm going...who I Am? what will I bring home once my time in the ring is over? What will I do with all this money I gained from the contract?

Stop for a short moment

'' I decided to re-open my wrestling school in Montreal...the Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling Dojo...I decided to invest in the next generation of pro wrestling...I decided to end the bad circle...the bad blood I had with everyone...I'm here to respect those who built this company...I'm here to take part of the transition of the old school to the new school...I'm here to be a key player to the future of this company...I'm here to end my career on the right foot...and to reach to be what I always was...the master of my own destiny! ''

The crowd start cheering.

'' I'm proud of what I've accomplished thru the years bad and good...and I regret nothing...I bow down to the businessmen who manage to keep this company the most active one of all time. ''

Big Boss is suddenly interrupted by the sound of static playing through the speakers, and on the titantron

As the static continues to play, Haley steps onto the stage area in a beautiful silver dress, a majestic silver circlet on her head, and a microphone in her right hand, and the static fades away as she raises the microphone to her lips.

Haley : For years we have all witnessed the same old crap over and over again from the sappy retirement speeches, and then a short hiatus and then this damn static followed by creepy messages hinting at a return, and not just a return, but the return of the big boss of professional wrestling, and to be honest with you? it's getting old Rosario.
She stops, and faces the ring staring down Big Boss Rosario.

Haley : Why do you keep on with this sappy drama? You come you wreck havoc, stir up trouble, and as long as your on top you stay, but the moment you don't get your way you tuck your tail, give a sappy speech to these fans, and then tuck your tail and run for a season or two, and it's been that way for as long as me, and Joey have been in this business, and the sad part is that you come back hoping things will be different, but the truth is the only success you have ever had is in company's that you payed off to kiss your ass, and so I propose a question for you Rosario. Why do you keep on retiring and then returning? What is this like your tenth return from retirement?

She giggles a little waiting for a response.

Rosario nods as a little smile appears on his lips while bringing the mic to his lower lip.

'' It's funny how Haley you always put your nose where you shouldn't but since I know you and right now you have decided to be a interviewer...I'll make your job easier and answer to your question. ''

Pause for a short moment trying to find the best answer to give her.

'' I've been fighting my demons for years...retiring because of injuries...being forced to go home because I'm always a move away from getting a career ending time is far from over...and like I said...when I first came here...I had plans to tear this company apart t'ill I realize I was keeping the same old and angry self from the past into the present.''

Right before she says something else Rosario continues to speak.

'' I finally found my place in life and I'm pretty sure by you coming down here interrupting the man who made your boy a man...that you turned the same man into a coward on a loop...are you looking something to turn his career into *censored* again? ''

Haley gets a grin on her face.

Haley : You say you know me Rosario, and the fact of the matter is you may be partially correct, but I know you as well.. Hell everyone in this audience knows you, and the fact that your saying you respect those who build Carnage In Ring, and that you wanna help usher in the new era? Is complete bull, because I know just like all the fans know that it's only a matter of time before you get that lust for blood, and your demons emerge revealing your true nature.. Rosario you are the cancer of this business.

The whole arena starts to chant Cancer, and Haley raises her left hand to silence the crowd.

Haley : Yes Rosario is cancer, but I'm not finished talking yet.

Haley twirls the microphone between her fingers before she places the microphone back to her lips.

Haley : You made Joey? Hah you may have influenced him, but Joey made Joey, and I made him a coward? Please you must be joking, because it was not until I came into his life that he started winning championships, and if you continue to insinuate that my Husband is a coward then you will find out much like Kory Lanes did when he was knocked on his head, and made a fool, but unlike you Kory Lanes doesn't tuck his tail and hide after being humiliated, because he still wants to take down Joey.

Haley stops and stares at Rosario waiting for a reply.

Big Boss remains very calm before taking another shot to Haley.

'' I agree Haley - laugh for a moment then gets serious - I was a matter fact I enjoyed being it...I enjoyed being a poison to the industry...I became what I hated the most and I enjoyed every single second of it...that's why I said I was sorry but I regret nothing...I Am my mistakes...I Am my lessons...I Am my accomplishments...that's who I Am...I can say it proudly...I'm not ashamed of what I've done.''

Rosario slowly walks towards the ropes and leans on it.

'' I'm not hiding behind excuses...I'm here vulnerable...the crowd could've turned on me with solid reasons and they didn't why you think Haley? Cause they know who I Am and I just told them the ugly truth...things you and you're puppet doesn't do often right Haley? You can tell everyone else whatever you can fool anyone back there but you will never fool me sweety...and I hope my boy Kory Lanes will get what he want and defeat Joey Leclair and bring back Joey to reality. ''

Rosario walks back to the middle of the ring then turn around facing Haley from the ring.

'' Where is he anyways? Making you a lunch again? ''

Haley giggles a little.

Haley : He does make me dinner from time to time, because he is a real man, and a great husband, and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Haley's expression quickly changes to a serious tone as a smirk grows across her face.

Haley : But be careful what you wish for Rosario, because you might just get it.

Crushed by Parkway Drive begins playing throughout the arena, and Joey steps out dressed in an expensive suit, and pants as he walks past Haley taking the microphone from her hand as he walks down the ramp slowly not even looking in Rosario's direction as he stares out into the audience making his way around the ring, and stops at side of the ring that Rosario is looking out from, and reaches into his right shirt pocket pulling out a cigar, and placing it in his mouth, and then searches his pockets for a lighter to no avail so he takes the cigar out of his mouth, and turns facing his mentor, and places the  microphone to his lips.

Joey Leclair : Do you have a lighter brother?

Big Boss look at Joey Leclair and smirk, puts his cigar back in his mouth and with the same hand he reaches for his goldish lighter pulls it and throws it towards Joey Leclair. Takes a puff and blows the smoke away from his mouth as he stares at Joey. Then look at Haley then goes back at Joey Leclair.

'' You can keep it son. ''

Joey leans down, and picks the lighter off the floor, and lights his cigar, and takes a puff blowing it into the air, and then places this cigar back into his lips, and slides the lighter under the ring, and then continues to walk around the ring, and heads back up the the ramp and stands besides Haley on the stage, and takes another puff from his Cigar, and then drops it on the ground putting it out with the heel of his right shoe as he blows smoke into the air, and then places the mic to his lips.

Joey Leclair : Kory Lanes when we faced off I went easy on you, but from now on I show no mercy.

Joey hands the microphone to Haley, and heads backstage.

Haley : Ouch... Barely even acknowledged you, but you got what you wanted, but what you wanted is not always what you think Rosario, because you see? Joey is all about the future not the past, and if you want to ever share the same ring with Joey Leclair? You better prove you still can hang with the younger guys, but fear not Big Boss because your kingdom will burn to ashes, and it does not start with Joey.

Big Boss takes another puff from his cigar and blows the smoke in the air then throws it outside of the ring landing in front of the Leclairs as he remains calm and confident.

'' Barely cared Haley...he did show up after all he can pretend he is still at the top of the mountain he can still pretend we are living in his era...but the reality is Bonecrusher is back where he started...hummm I meant Joey! Joey! ''

Rosario stops then continues

'' I'm not here to feed my ego, I'm not here to pretend that I'm still the Submission Animal or The leader of The Orphans or the man who led The Revenants to something bigger than anything in this industry. ''

Pause for a short moment.

'' But one thing for sure is that I can still kick his ass and make him call me daddy the same way he makes you call him matter of a fact I'll make him call me papi, I can make him scream in any language if that what you really want me to show you Haley? But wait! - brings his fingers to his chin and scratches his skin - I don't need to prove anything to any of you. I'm not the one looking for something to do to make myself relevant again... Joey - points at backstage - is! I'm not the one interrupting someone's to prove a point. You - points at Haley - are! ''

Walks towards the ropes and leans on it.

'' I've been watching Carnage from home and since he failed to take down The Revenants, then coming here to Carnage failing to defeat your New World Paradise rival Morris Brown, you little boy have been lost and all that is by having your wife by your side...''

Haley glares at Big Boss but before she says somethings Big Boss continues to speak.

'' I'm sure you are a great husband Joey and maybe that the best thing you can do to be a husband and stay out of the ring letting your wife doing the job for you don't you think Joey? ''

Haley looks around confused

Haley : Big words like always coming from the big boss, but what I am wondering is if you are getting blind at your old age, because your still talking to Joey, and Joey has already went to the back, but there is two things you said that I will touch on starting with The Revenants whom have all left your side, because Henri Black chooses to take his own path now, and not be considered a Revenant, Helena... well I'm pretty sure she hates you simply because she has not been vocal lately, and his disappeared off the map and faded into irrelevancy, and then Hennerz who never really was relevant except the fact that he was apart of the group, and then there was you Big Boss who's only purpose was to act as leader while the members did the work to bring glory to your name sake which brings me to the second topic.

Haley pauses for a moment before placing the microphone back to her lips.

Haley : I know there is still one person still associated with you Rosario by the name of Rachael Leblanc, and I don't really know why.

Haley shrugs.

Haley : Maybe she is simply a gold digger, but regardless starting next season Joey, and I will be going down different paths.

The crowd goes silent in shock.

Haley : I know, I know shocker right? Don't misunderstand what I am saying though, because I will always support Joey, and he will always support me, and we are not breaking up or getting a divorce or anything, but we are taking different paths, because right here right now I am announcing that next season I am making me debut as a wrestler! so Rosario? Tell Rachel hi for me.

Haley drops her mic, and heads backstage.

Before she walks out of the stage Big Boss Rosario manage to put some words.

'' This is so funny how you just reacted like some random person on the social medias, where did you take this information from us? Google? Facebook Page? Twitter? It doesn't you basically came down here interrupted my speech, tried to steal the spotlight again and announce that you and Joey are going different ways? Mami this is not a twilight movie...we don't give a flying *censored* about your love life. ''

Haley stops and turns her head around glaring at Big Boss

'' Your man came down here asked for a lighter, and walked away like the *censored* he is and I'm not even shocked I'm just disappointed that he went from the Prodigy to just another guy with his wife in the locker room. - Shakes his head - So you can take your lame announcement and go back where you came from.''

As soon Big Boss ends his sentence she heads back backstage furious while the crowd explode in cheers.

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