I aim to misbehave. Bloodshed. AFTER JAY'S RP

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I aim to misbehave. Bloodshed. AFTER JAY'S RP

Post  Henri Black on Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:17 am

The CiR Titantron suddenly displays a moment of static before resolving into an image of a room, On the walls are various Championships housed within glass cabinets along with a Pedestal bearing a large trophy, with the words “All In Champion” engraved on it.

?: You know, I got a Phone call earlier this week from the CiR Management advising me to “Take the night off” I think perhaps they knew what would happen if I were present tonight.

The fans, recognizing the voice, begin chanting for Henri and he obliges by stepping into the frame

Henri: And you know what, It was probably a good idea. If I were in that arena tonight, There is not a force on this earth that could stop me from exacting a great and terrible vengeance on one Jay Ruthless, But I'm not in the arena tonight, which means that what I would do to him is currently irrelevant, but I assure you it would have been... memorable.

Henri pauses and rubs his hand across his face and shakes his head

Henri: But as I said it is currently irrelevant, and I need to address the elephant in the room. Eliza, why is there a stuffed elephant on my desk?

The camera dips down to show a stuffed elephant, roughly the size of a small dog sitting in the center of a mahogany desk, a note, only partially visible, tied around it's neck with a ribbon reads “Think about what you're going to do next. I...” the rest of the message is obscured by the position of the elephant.

Eliza: It's cute, Plus I thought it might settle you down. You haven't exactly been what I would call 'Calm' the past few weeks

The crowd laughs, some of the female members hold their hands over their chests, touched by the gesture

Henri: I see, I guess that makes sense. But back to the matter at hand, I've been watching you Jay, I saw your little speech earlier, it was quite good. Really, whoever wrote it for you deserves a Pulitzer, But unfortunately you can't have others fight your battles for you in the same way, You learned once before that I am not a man to be taken lightly, and at the end of that bout it was MY hand, not yours that was being raised by the official.

The fans pick up and begin to chant 'It was Henri' between bouts of clapping

Henri: So you want to be noticed, you want people to acknowledge that you are a 'Big Deal' and to that end you devised this little plan of yours to attack me from behind during my match with Jimmy, A solid plan, one that I have used myself in the past to great effect.

Henri turns his back on the camera and looks towards the case holding his MWA heavyweight Championship belt, as if lost in nostalgia. and after a moment, without turning back, he continues speaking in a noticeably more intense tone.

Henri: But you see, there is just one problem with your little plan, IT WORKED. And before I make my return to competition next week I have some homework for you, I want you to go talk to Prayme Rosario, to 'The Centurion' Mars if you can find him, and after that, to Joey LeClair. I want you to ask them EXACTLY what happens when you pull the fury of the Blackstar down upon you.

Turning back to the camera Henri finishes with a single sentence before the screen goes black.

Henri: Be ready, because I aim to Misbehave.

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Re: I aim to misbehave. Bloodshed. AFTER JAY'S RP

Post  BBR on Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:05 pm

Love the role play brother

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