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My Way

Post  Jimmy James on Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:20 am

The screen lights up backstage as Jimmy James stands in the interview area. He has an unhappy look across his face as Candice Witt enters the frame with a microphone in hand.
Candice Witt: So Jimmy, later tonight Rated RS and Steven Why will do battle to determine who the new number one contender is for your CiR World Heavyweight Championship. The winner of said match will face you at Survive & Conquer. Do you have any concerns about both of these men?
Jimmy James: I just don’t get it Candice. I don’t understand why these two men are my next two possible challengers. This is all Adam Harvey’s fault.
He wasn’t here when I made sure Steven didn’t get the championship match, he wasn’t here for when I beat Henri Black, and he wasn’t here for when I made it clear that Rated RS doesn’t deserve another match against me.

Candice Witt: Well, if I remember correctly, you haven’t defeated either of these men in one-on-one competition. Are you afraid of the possibility of facing either of these men?
Jimmy James: Afraid?! You think Jimmy James, The A-Lister and the CiR World Heavyweight Champion, is afraid? No… I’m not afraid, Candice.
However, I know how this match is going to end. You see I know exactly what I want and I know how to get it.
Adam Harvey isn’t going to dictate over me because I’m the champion of this federation and what I want… I get.

Jimmy begins to walk away but Candice holds him back.
Candice Witt: Wait Jimmy one last question: what exactly do you want?
Jimmy James: I want things my way.
Jimmy walks and the screen fades to black.
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