Stand Up and Fight

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Stand Up and Fight

Post  Jimmy James on Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:08 pm

The Life Partners are in the locker room area where Sammy South is putting on his gear and Repo Man is watching the television; which is playing the match from last season between Faren Height and Sammy.
Repo Man: See the thing is if you had a fair fight you could have beat him but they beat us down beforehand.
Sammy South: I have Jeff Monson tonight in the ring. He is the monster of the group, but I’m faster than him. I can outrun him anytime.
Repo Man: You need to avoid his knees and his hands. If they get to you, you immediately are fighting an uphill battle. You need to work on his leg and his neck so he can’t hit Final Destination and you can finish him with your moves. If you see an opening, take it.
Sammy South: Repo, I know how this works.
Repo Man: That’s the problem. This is a fight. They attacked us because we made sure The Order didn’t cheat their way to hold on to the Double Down Championship. They have a problem with us, so we have one with them. It’s time that we stand up to them and fight for what we believe in.
Sammy South: You’re right.
Let’s do this!

Repo slaps Sammy’s chest and the two walk out the locker room. The screen fades to black.
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