A Message From Your Local Tyrant (Infamy)

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A Message From Your Local Tyrant (Infamy)

Post  Shane Brady on Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:01 pm

The CarnageTron starts to act fuzzy before cutting out and back in for a second. As the picture clears up, Dom Jones can be shown, in a dim lit room, sitting at a huge wooden desk, in a throne-like chair. His fists clenched together with a slight grin on his face.
Dom: Attention, I interrupt this shambles program to bring to you a message. I just want to say that none of the people on the show tonight, that they aren't good enough to challenge for my title, much less fight me. I'm challenging this man to a one-on-one fight. I beat his partner down last week, like I said I would. I praised this man as the only talented one on his team and I want a chance to spill his blood. Tom Midas, fight me in this ring next week, in a non-title match of course. You gotta earn that one son!
There will come a time where I make this show as highly rated as Bloodshed. I will carry it on my back and stomp out everyone who gets in my way. I can't wait to hurt you all. I can't wait to laugh in the face of the fans who just watched their hero's dreams crushed. I can't wait to one day get on the level of the rest of The Family and one day surpass them. We will have all the gold. We will take over and fulfill our legacy. Goodnight losers!
The CarnageTron fades to black
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