N's Rp Week 2

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N's Rp Week 2

Post  Tom Midas on Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:12 pm

Mister N: So…Mister White finally accepts. Finally, I mean, I was worried that I was going to have to resort to some drastic measures, but luckily that doesn’t need to happen anymore. Now all they need to do is show up in 3 weeks, and try not to disappear mid-match like they did last time…if everything goes smoothly, we shouldn’t have trouble. It’ll be a nice clean match, with preferably me coming out on top.

The crowd pops, but N waves at them to quiet down

Mister N: Now I know. I’m getting ahead of myself, and Vahn…well, he’s an incredible wrestler. Chances are, if he goes down, he’s taking a piece of me down with him, and I’ve accepted that fact. Vahn is capable of amazing things, but if the Institute truly thinks they’re capable of taking me down, think again.

N bites his lip, then laughs

Mister N: I mean, let’s talk about this. The person who taught me this sport, Vincent, he was known as one of the most aggressive wrestlers of his time, and even all time. Everything he knows, all his moves, all his techniques, they’re all passed down to me. And I’ve added my own spin to it, my own moves, my own style. Together, that combination is deadly dangerous. Just ask Brandon Flair. Poor guy is still hurting. But that’s just the fact that goes under shadowed when people talk about me. They talk about my injuries, my first year, and forget just how I got here. Have you heard of a high school junior who wrestled in the independents in his summer break? A 20 year old who main evented for a major promotion? I don’t think so. And if you ever have, you probably heard of me. Me, the CiR Double Down Champion, and one of the youngest competitors in CiR today. But people think that because of this, because of the fact that I’m so much younger than everyone else, people think that automatically translates into “inexperience”. And don’t try to hide it, because all you people in the crowd think so too. That I’m arrogant, I’m too cocky for my own good, and that someday it’s going to land me in the hospital, or worse. Even my own uncle thinks so, and he’s been an avid supporter of my career, even after his whole Institute problem. But you guys think, that at 22 years old, I just simply can’t compete with the big shots around here, guys like Steven Why, Shane Brady, even Vahn…isn’t that right?

The crowd explodes into mixed reactions, while N raises his eyebrows. Then he starts laughing, then seems to contain himself and speaks

Mister N: Don’t try to hide it…you all definitely think so. It’s funny, because all this talk of me being inexperienced and what not, it all started only after the Institute beat me down a couple hundred times. Before that, my age was never questioned, my “inexperience” never cared for, it was just Mister N. But now I have a label attached to myself, and it is not “The Double Down Champion”. It’s actually more like “The Young Guy Who Thinks He Can Beat Everyone”. And now, now some people are favoring Vahn to win the match…

N nods his head slowly

Mister N: Here’s my response: In the past 2 and a half years, I have never, ever let my age, or my so-called “inexperience”, be a barrier between me and my goals. And I do mean never. From day 1, up until now, it’s never been an issue. So here’s my question to all of you: If it’s never been an issue before, why would it be an issue now? I’ll answer that for you: it wouldn’t. And it isn’t. This is probably going to add to all that talk that I’m too cocky, but I have 100 percent confidence that I will be able to beat Vahn at Survive and Conquer. Even though he’s been wrestling probably 3 or 4 years more than I have. Even though he’s proven himself a credible threat to this title. Even though he’s beaten me down a couple dozen times in the past. I still know that I am going to pin Vahn clean in the middle of this ring, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

This statement is met by a large pop, which N silences then speaks

Mister N: And to me, my age is just a symbol of how much faster I achieved all this than anyone else. And all this, it happened because of my talent. My drive, and the fact that I worked my *censored* off to get to this point. At Survive and Conquer, I will beat Vahn, and I will end the season still your Double Down Champion. And If you still want to talk about my age, instead of talking about inexperience, you can talk about what I’ve accomplished in that amount of time. How I humiliated Vahn in front of thousands of people. How I became Double Down Champion in less than 2 months of debuting at CiR. Meanwhile, I’ll do what I do best. Win. Over and over and over again.
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