Finding Haley.(mentions Kory Lanes, Big Boss Rosario, Repo Man, Night Wing, and several women)

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Finding Haley.(mentions Kory Lanes, Big Boss Rosario, Repo Man, Night Wing, and several women)

Post  Joey Leclair on Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:22 am

The camera pans backstage where Joey Leclair is seen walking through the locker room area with a serious look on his face as he stumbles upon a group of backstage workers.

Joey Leclair : You guys happen to see Haley? She told me she got here before me, and I can't seem to find her.

Crew : Can't say that we have, sorry Joey.

Joey nods, and continues walking when he starts to pass up the gym area where the lights are dim, and the sound of a punching bag being hit multiple times can be heard.

Joey Leclair : Who is working out in the dark? Strange..

Joey walks over, and opens the door, and walks into the room, and his eyes widen as there are several tv's in the room serving as the only lighting in the room, and each tv is playing matches from a different woman wrestler, as Joey flips on the light switch he see's Haley punching a kicking a punching bag viciously.

Joey Leclair : Haley?...

Haley turns around, and walks over to Joey breathing heavily with sweat dripping down her face.

Joey Leclair : What are you doing?, and why did you have the lights off?

Haley : I am uh preparing myself for my debut next season, and I wanted to do it privately.

Joey smiles a little.

Joey Leclair : Glad to see you working so hard my queen, but why all these videos of pioneers of womens wrestling?

Haley : I have to be perfect like Mia, I have to be smart like Leana, beautiful like Lacey, and I have to be be able to get in my opponents heads like Ivy!.

Joey sighs, and hugs Haley.

Joey Leclair : How about you just be Haley! All those women are great in their own ways, but you can't be them so just be you, and be the best at it.

Haley : But.. who am I?

Joey smiles, and kisses Haley's sweaty cheek.

Joey Leclair : having trouble coming up with your own persona huh? Don't worry you will find it, you will find Haley trust me I know this because I know you!

Haley smiles as she feels her husbands kiss on her cheek.

Haley : Thanks my king..

Joey lets go of Haley, and smiles.

Joey Leclair : Don't aim to be as good as anyone else either my queen, but instead aim to be the absolute best! Tonight I face one of the pioneers of the mens division, but I am not afraid one bit, because tonight Repo Man will face the King of Perfection, and he will come to the brutal realization that this is not his generation anymore, but this is now the generation of Joey freaking Leclair!.

Haley giggles a little.

Joey Leclair : And Kory Lanes... little Kory Lanes who wants to make a name so bad for himself at my expense? If you want to stand a chance against me you better stop trying to be like me, and you better stop trying to be like Night Wing with that "Tic..Toc..Tic..Toc" bull crap, because news flash? If you think about imitating my greatest rival when you face me? You will fail miserably, because you are not Night Wing, but you are simply Kory Lanes, so Kory my advice to you is that when we next meet? You bring the best of yourself, and then you may actually put up a fight, but you will still lose, because I am not changing my ways of being the absolute best I can all day every day, and you may point at my suite, and the cigar I have been seen with lately, and say, "arn't you just trying to be Big Boss Rosario now?" but the fact of the matter is that you are blind to the truth, because yea I have taken up that look lately, but its only temporary my friend, in fact you may call it an egg that carries the embryo to next evolution of Joey freaking Leclair which will hatch, and when I am born again? only then will Carnage bow to the King of Perfection!.

Joey turns and walks to the exit of the room, and opens the door.

Joey Leclair : See you later my queen, I am off to prepare for Repo Man.

Haley : Don't hurt the old man to much!

Joey smirks as he leaves the room, and Haley turns and returns to training as the scene fades to black.[/color]

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