Coach may I have a word? - Ment: Henri - Jay - Joey

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Coach may I have a word? - Ment: Henri - Jay - Joey

Post  BBR on Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:33 am

Camera fades in giving a great look at the CIR's backstage with Big Boss Rosario standing next his office with Rachel Leblanc.

Big Boss puts his hand on her shoulder while speaking.

BBR: You know Rach, things aren't going to be easy from now on. You hold a championship gold and that means this is your time to show what you're made off.

Rach looks at her championship belt on her shoulder then look at Big Boss.

'' One thing is chasing it and one thing is defending it...that's the part everyone forget it's only get harder you get the best of the division running after that piece of gold the same way you did before them. ''

Rachel: '' I know Ross, I've been sitting in the crowds in multiple arenas watching you, Helena Noir and Henri Black chasing and winning championship belts. I don't plan to sit back and watch my reign go to ashes like most of the wrestlers you once knew. ''

Rachel holds her championship belt tighter.

'' This is my first step in my dream and I plan to continue to push forward. ''

Big Boss taps twice on her back before letting her go.

'' You know what you have to do I'm proud of you. ''

Rachel smile as she goes away.

When he is about to enter his office Kory Lanes intercepts him.

Kory Lanes: Sir!? may I have a word with you?

Big Boss turns around and sees the rookie behind him.

'' Yeah sure Kory what you need? ''

Kory who seems a bit worried about his up coming match against Jay Ruthless, he looks side to side wondering how he should start his conversation with the veteran and coach.

'' I..I..I was wondering if could help me with my match tonight? I mean I'm lost I don't know where I stand in this company...I feel like I do not belong in this company. ''

'' You need first to calm down and think outside of the box you know? Now for you upcoming match against that man John...''

'' Jay Ruthless. ''

'' Yeah Jay Ruthless, you've been watching tapes of his previous matches? ''

'' No sir...''

'' Ok...well that's not big of a deal but you should always watch wrestling tapes from wrestlers who came before you in know wrestling is like everything in life you need to always study... one your company, two your co-workers and three your rivals. After first step you should know where you should go and stand. ''

'' Ok I'm taking notes. ''

'' You should always go with your main build no matter where you came have your signature moves use them build your own brand and if you've tried a move and never worked it means you should maybe try something new or another type of set-up. Don't walk down the same path as your friend Joey Leclair...don't be afraid of being yourself in a world of fake people surrounding you. ''

'' He's not my friend...''

'' It was sarcastic Kory...just go down there and give yourself a chance to have fun first and to see what you should do next and grab a victory on your way out...but yeah that's what I have for you today and if it's not enough you know where to find me...but remember everything has a price. ''

As soon he finish his sentence he walks in his office letting his door slowly close behind him.
Kory Lanes stares at his name on the door then walks away.

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Re: Coach may I have a word? - Ment: Henri - Jay - Joey

Post  BBR on Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:42 pm

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