Just Another Obstacle in My Way - Bloodshed (Mentioned: Jimmy James, Henri Black, Kory Lanes)

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Just Another Obstacle in My Way - Bloodshed (Mentioned: Jimmy James, Henri Black, Kory Lanes)

Post  Jay Ruthless on Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:26 am

Cold open to Jay Ruthless sitting alone in the locker room backstage with his hair covering most of his face

Jay: "Disappointment."

Jay sits in silence for a moment

Jay: "Stupid."

A few more moments of silence before you see Jays eyes open and stare through the curtain of His hair

Jay: "These are all words that describe Jimmy James."

Jay throws his head up, flicking his hair over his head and stares directly into the camera

Jay: "A man who claimed to want teamwork... yet couldn't even hold out that promise for one match. A man who calls himself the champion but will still lose to the same man more than once regardless of circumstance. A man who calls himself smart, but isn't even smart enough to help a tag team partner in need. Jimmy don't look at anyone else but yourself for our lose last Sunday. You ruined MY main event! It was my time to shine and you let it turn from a tag match to a two on one. WHERE WERE YOU! YOU FOOL! You left me to look like an imbecile! You will pay for this in time... Just you wait. This will not be the last main event with both our names involved..."

Jay runs his hands through his hair and takes a deep breathe

Jay: "And as for Henri... If you think for once second that you really accomplished something this Sunday than you are stupider than I thought. See I would never allow myself to be injured in an inferior match... The main event of Bloodshed can't even contain me Henri. You see... why would I ever risk an injury to this amazing pinnacle of wrestling prowess just to Jimmy James could claim a small victory over Steven. It doesn't matter to me... His agenda... Your agenda. None of it matters. I will face you one on one soon enough and you will feel the pain that you deserve. See my career is just taking off... I could never say the same about yours."

Jay whistles as if a bomb was falling and as it fades off he makes a crashing sound

Jay: "Like my impression of your imminent fate? You better, cause it doesn't get any better for you. You can't go against the best of the best and do anything other than limp away. One win during a battle, does not a war victory make. So don't let it get to your head... I'll leave you with the simple fact that...."

Jay holds up his pointer finger towards the sky making a #1 symbol

Jay: "I am #1, and BIG DEAL... is my middle name. Good luck tonight kiddo..."

Jay sits back into his locker and smirks casually.

Jay: "You know... I thought after making this big of a splash. After making this big of an impression... I would be above this. However it seems I still must deal with another fanboy. Kory Lanes... Let me tell you this. Nobody cares about your crush for Joey doughnut. Or whatever he calls himself. You see thinking you were from Canada I thought you would represent, but instead I just see you sucking up. Acting like you don't deserve to be here. Acting like you got lucky... Well tonight I'm going to show you how unlucky you really are. I am going to show you what real talent looks like. I am going to show you that no matter how much you kiss ass. No matter how much you try to show people how humble you are... TALENT SUPERSEDES! You can't talk you're way to titles. You can't talk your way to fame. YOU HAVE TO WALK THE WALK! And tonight.... I'm gonna walk over you..."

Jay smirks once again and stands with his arms spread out

Jay: "Because... I'M.... A.... BIG DEAL!"

Jay stares into the camera glowering as the camera slowly fades to black
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Re: Just Another Obstacle in My Way - Bloodshed (Mentioned: Jimmy James, Henri Black, Kory Lanes)

Post  BBR on Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:02 pm

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