How did it come to this. Bloodshed. Before Jay's.

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How did it come to this. Bloodshed. Before Jay's.

Post  Henri Black on Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:19 am

The camera fades in on the backstage area, as Henri Black is exiting his car along with Eliza Hu, their driver holding the door open.

Bex: “Henri, I know you have a match tonight with Jeff Monson, but I was wondering if we could have a word about your tag match last week, and about that hold you used to choke out Jay Ruthless for the victory.”

Henri stops and turns to face Bex

Eliza: “What was it you said to me about it last week Henri, that weird poem...”

Henri tilts his head back and holds his palm over his eyes and begins to recite

Henri: “And suddenly there came a tapping, As of someone gently rapping, and before I knew it jay was tapping, tapping out to Nevermore. Now I'm sure Jay is going to have some elaborate explanation about how he only tapped out to 'avoid an injury' or something equally asinine, But I know better, I was there, I personally felt how he desperately clawed at my arms and torso as he struggled in vain to take even a single breath, I felt the life leaching out of his body as I squeezed just that little bit tighter... and then it was over, and the referee was pulling me away from the near lifeless husk that we all know as Jay Ruthless.”

Henri smiles fondly at the memory

Bex: “So then that hold is the Nevermore, well I guess now we all know what to call it, and your opponents know what to be afraid of.”

Henri nods and puts his arm around Eliza

Henri: “And as you so eloquently put it, I have a match to get ready for. But before I go I have a few parting words. Right about now Jay, you are probably asking yourself 'How did it come to this?'. The answer, how could it not?”
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