Order versus Chaos

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Order versus Chaos

Post  King on Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:12 pm

The war sirens are heard all over the arena as "Indestructible" by Disturbed plays through the speakers. The crowd erupts in cheers, expecting the one and only King to appear. When the crowd calms down, King suddenly runs out on the ramp which gets the crowd to once again start cheering, even louder this time. King, wearing a black leather jacket and a Golden Crown on his head with "CiR" engraved. King looks towards the closest camera and shouts
King: Time to get aways some of that ring rust!
Cheers echoes through the arena as the Carnage in Ring crowd welcomes their hero as he makes his return to Bloodshed. King makes his way to the ring, grabbing a microphone on the way.
King: Good day ladies and gentlemen!
The crowd erupts in cheers once more, making a big smile appear on King's face as he tries to speak
As you all know, I will challenge Shane Brady for the Carnage in Ring Bloodshed Championship at Survive and Conquer!
And we will steal the show!
Shane Brady belongs to this new generation of wrestlers
I might not like their attitude, but I damn sure love how they have elevated the art we call wrestling!
My generation did evolve wrestling inside these rings a lot, but we did not push it to the limits like this new generation
And I can tell you all for a fact that I am more than excited for our match at Survive and Conquer!
But I will talk more about that in next weeks contract signing
For now, I am here to announce something
I am now officially announcing my participation in the Carnage Rumble and Survive and Conquer!
The crowd erupts in cheers as King climbs up to the second turnbuckle.
I have participated in it a couple of times before, but this time will be my first time not competing alone
I will have all of you behind me!
And together, we are unstoppable!
The crowd keeps cheering as King starts talking louder
It will be 29 other superstars in that match
We might not have to face everyone of them
But even if we start as number one, we will fight through each and everyone of them we will take them out of the ring!
It does not matter what they do, punch us, kick us, choke us, slam us
Everytime King says something new, the crowd chants "What"
Suplex us, DDT us, Powerbomb us, knee's us, elbow us, forearm us, headbutt us, Superkick us
They can jump from the top rope or put us in a submission hold
It does not matter!
I will be going into the ring with everyone of you by my side
And we will damn sure Main Event Extreme Rewards together!
No matter who's holding the world title by then
Jimmy James, Steven Why or Rated RS
With all of you by my side we will finally make this road to Extreme Rewards the best one ever!
And you can all be sure that
They wanna be King?
Annihilation Will Become....

Faren Height: How Lovely!
King gets suprised by the sudden interruption. He jumps down from the turnbuckle and looks towards the ramp. Faren Height is standing on the top of the ramp, leaning on his umbrella. Nolan,
Patch and Jeff Monson are all making their way down the ramp and starts surrounding the ring, leaving the only open side being the one faced towards the ramp.

Faren Height: Well King, before you let everyone here your catchphrase one more time let me tell you something
Last week, you told me to get a purpose
I have always had a purpose
My Journey
And you see, my Journey seems to take the same patch that your supposed road to Extreme Rewards plan
But there is one key difference
While your road would include you winning the Carnage Rumble, Main eventing Extreme Rewards and of course, winning it
And all of this with the crowd behind your back
While I on the other hand will win the Carnage Rumble, Main eventing Extreme Rewards and of course, winning it
And all of this with The Order behind my back!
That is the difference between you and me
I don't cling to fairytales and I don't trust people who will not be there when I need them!
The Order is always there
They are realt wrestlers, real fighters!
Not some fat geek that finally managed to get some money for one ticket
And as you see now, the ones behind my back have you surrounded
While your lovely fans are still seated, and are just going to watch you get beat down
Or, you could always show everyone the cowards you are and exit the ring by the side that I have so generously given to you

Nolan, Patch and Jeff climbs up on the apron on one side each, still leaving the side towards the ramp empty. King starts walking to the empty side of the ring.
King: Taking the cowards way before our match? Why don't you make your way down here and try to stand up for yourself for once?
Faren Height: That's where you are wr....
King: No! I am not damn wrong and you know it! You peaked when you held the Double Down Championship, but it is all downfall from there buddy! And believe me, this will only
continue until you grow a damn spine!

King throws the microphone towards the ramp and it lands just in front of King. Anger appears on Faren Height's face as he points at King with his umbrella
Faren Height: End his Journey now
Nolan and Patch tries to enter the ring, but suddenly, the people in the front row has started to jump the barricade and grabs a hold of Patch and Nolans legs. The two of them looks confused as they try to get themselves free.
Jeff Monson manages to enter the ring before the fans reaches him but as soon as he enters King runs towards him and hits him with an axe kick, knocking him out of the ring. As soon as he falls out of the ring he gets surrounded by a wave of people the jumped the barricade. King punches Nolan then elbows Patch, havin both of them fall down from the apron and they also get surrounded by the crowd. King looks towards Faren, who by now seems more confused than angry. A smile appears on King's face as he exits the ring and starts running up towards Faren Height. Before he manages to reach him, security guard start to swarm in and stops King. They keep him seperated from Faren.
More guards run down and starts taking people back ot their seats.

The show goes to commercial as they prepare for the match

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