The new coming

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The new coming

Post  Lyuboslav the Greatest on Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:39 pm

Suddenly "Dragula" by Rob Zombie starts rocking and the crowd seems interested in seeing the person, who will walk out. A taller, muscular man in suit makes his way to the ring.

Jake:"Well, there it is. The newest member of CIR."

Stan:" He has some words for us, because I see him right  in front of me grabbing a microphone and  watching me with a furious eyes. I don't do anything to him, what's wrong?"

Jake :"Maybe this is smart strategy to show that he is not here to be beaten like a dog. Wait he has some words for us. Let's listen."

LtG with a smirk on his face watches consecutive the crowd, the commentators and with calm deep voice starts talking, putting his microphone right in front of his lips:

LtG: "Do you know me?"

The crowd doesn't answer.

Than with a little anger in his voice he again asks this question, but more loudly:


After no answer from the crowd he starts sweating, his face gets redder andthis time he screams as he again asks this question.


After a little pause to take a breathe he starts speaking as his voice got angrier and angrier:

LtG:"I am the Bulgarian European boxing champ and you still don't respect me? You stupid Englishmen. England has the worst crowd ever I can't even stand them!"

The crowd starts booing him in disgust.

Lyuboslav smiles on the crowd and again starts talking:

LtG: " Bulgaria has much more history for 50 years than England for 1000! And I still don't understand why are you booing me when I speak the truth. I am here to show that you are nothing compared to the Bulgarians and I can prove it immediately. Just send me a stupid British dummy here!"

Jake: " Woow, this new guy seems on fire right now."

Stan:" He can maybe be the next big thing in CIR."

LtG seems ready for his match and waits for his opponent.
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