[Infamy] Knock Out Your Lights

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[Infamy] Knock Out Your Lights

Post  Jimmy James on Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:11 pm

“Death To All But Metal” by Steel Panther blasts over the speakers as “The Heavy Metal Messiah” Jeremy Rock makes his way from the backstage area. Jeremy stands on the stage and soaks in the boos from the crowd as he holds his toy guitar in his hand. Dressed in his mesh top and red leather pants, he makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring once there.
For some reason, the ring has a microphone stand and a bar stool behind it. Jeremy sits on the stool and motions for his music to lower. He adjusts the microphone to his height and begins smiling at the crowd.

Jeremy Rock: I have some bad news everyone… I didn’t walk out the winner of the Carnage Rumble.
The crowd cheers.
Jeremy Rock: Hey! You were supposed to boo! That’s horrible news! That means I can’t main event Extreme Rewards VI for all of you.
The audience gets even louder, causing Jeremy to get frustrated.
Jeremy Rock: I would have won it if it wasn’t for the man… who decided to debut in the Carnage Rumble… Jason Storm.
If it wasn’t for Jason, I would be challenging for the CiR World Heavyweight Championship in a matter of time. Since Jason decided to reject my embrace in the match, I’ve decided to write a song abo…

Boos quickly rain over Jeremy Rock at the mention of a new song, stopping Jeremy in his tracks.
Jeremy Rock: about Jason Storm. It goes a little like this.
CiR’s rock star clears his throat in the microphone, and begins pressing the buttons on the guitar; making sure it is in tune. Jeremy takes a deep breath and begins “playing” his guitar.
Jeremy Rock: So you're new but kinda clunky
Not the only one I see through
I don't care if you're a bunny
You’re gonna ask for a redo
'Cause I'm gonna beat you very quickly
The way I always do
But I got only one to do
That I just have to do to you
Knock out your lights
You know this ain’t a trick
Someone beat you with an ugly stick
That was all me, and I did when I
Knock out your lights, knock out your lights
Now get my opponent out here so I do just that… knock out his lights!

Jeremy gets off the stool and sets his guitar in the corner. He grabs the microphone stand and stool and hands them to a ringside attendant before stretching and waiting for Jason Storm.
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