The Angel of Death

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The Angel of Death

Post  Joey Leclair on Thu Aug 24, 2017 6:24 am

The camera pans to the ring where Candice is standing in the middle of the ring.

Candice : So my fellow interviewer Bex was told to find and get Haley's thoughts on making her official debut next week, but the problem is that Bex could not find Haley anywhere and has asked me to help find Haley, and so I went to her husband Joey Leclair, and he has confirmed that she is here, but where? That is why I figured if she is here? Then she will have no choice but to come meet me in this ring for an interview if I call her out, and so Haley can you place grace me, and all of these fans in attendance with your presence please?

The lights go out leaving the arena in darkness.

Jake : It seems that we are experiencing a power outage here partner.

Stan : Well Jake why don't you stop complaining and pull out some flashlights?

A female's laughter can be heard throughout the arena.

Woman's Voice : Oh Candice, be careful what you wish for.

Jake : That voice...

Stan : It's Haley!

The lights come on, and Candice is standing in the middle of the ring, and she gets an eerie feeling so she turns around slowly, and when she does she is standing face to face with Haley.

Haley : Boo.

Candice takes a cautious step backwards.

Haley : Aww poor Candice I didn't wanna scare you.

Haley takes a step forward and pats Candice on the head.

Haley : You wanna be friends?

Candice looks confused.

Candice : I-I can't Haley, because I have to be impartial to everyone who works here...

Haley gets a disappointed look on her face.

Haley : Aww it's to bad, because now the fact that you are standing face to face with me? If I was you I would be very afraid right now, Candice.

Candice starts shaking and lets out a faint whisper "I hate my job right now"

Haley tilts her head a little staring a hole through Candice.

Haley : What was that?

Candice : Nothing, it was nothing!

Haley : I don't like secrets.

Candice : I-I-I... anways I wanted to ask you a few questions if you don't mind..

Haley straightens her head, and smiles.

Haley : Why didn't you say so in the first place.

Candice lets out a sigh of relief.

Candice : What are your thoughts about officially transitioning from a manager to a wrestler?

Haley : My thoughts? I pity all the other men or women on this roster.

Candice gets a little confused.

Candice : Okay not really an answer, but lets move on! Next week you will have your debut match, so what can we expect to see in the match, and are you excited?

Haley : Of course I am excited Candice, I am absolutely thrilled to torture my opponent in every sick twisted way imaginable, and their screams, and their blood, oh I just can't wait.

Candice takes another step back, but Haley corners her against a turnbuckle, and plants a kiss on Candice's lips which cause Candice's eyes to widen as she pushes Haley away.

Candice : First, Haley you're married! Secondly, I don't roll that way!

Haley starts laughing in a creepy tone, and takes a step back as Candice grips the ropes tightly in fear, and shock.

Candice : S-So I guess we are done here, so what would you like to say to all the superstars and women in the back?

Haley lowers her head , and places both hands on her face as to be thinking about something to say.

Candice looks down at Haley confused.

Candice : Are you okay?

Haley raises her head slowly with a smirk on her face, and the opens her mouth spitting a black mist into the eyes of Candice which cause Candice to fall onto the ground rolling around, and screaming in pain.

Haley : This worthless mortal laying here in this ring rolling around, and screaming like a weak pig is the sacrificial lamb to serve as a warning to all those backstage that shall they cross my path? I will leave them in a mangled mess in the center of the ring,

Haley looks up into the air.

Haley : Carnage In Ring! The Angel of Death has arrived, and no one is safe.

Queen of Blades begins playing throughout the arena as Haley drops the mic, and exists the ring heading to the back as medical staff run out to check on Candice.

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Re: The Angel of Death

Post  Joey Leclair on Thu Aug 24, 2017 6:24 am

heat, and feedback? Will format later

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