False Start

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False Start

Post  Lottie Kelly on Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:23 pm

The scene opens to the inside of a disused car factory. The camera pans around, focusing on various items around the building from piles of steel girders to empty dustbins, from unused work benches to old car chassis frames and anywhere in-between. The whole scene feels eerie, unwelcoming almost as the camera operator does their best to weave their way through the debris around the building, but it working on a tip-off from their higher-ups that a new acquisition might be in the building, so they continue.

Camera Operator: (off-camera) Ah man, why did I have to pull this assignment? Abandoned buildings creep the heck outta me but no, it’s either go to the creepy warehouse or lose my job...

The operator keeps going, looking around at various landmarks around the building; some more unused work benches, a hole in a ceiling, some more empty dustbins.

The camera operator soon jumps visibly as a close-sounding clang can be heard. Tentatively, the operator makes his way to the source of the sound, where a leather trouser and black tank-top clad female has her arms folded as a hulking male, easily around six foot six and around three hundred pounds dressed in jeans and a button-up shirt, looks sheepish to her as he picks up a few scraps of metal by their feet.

Female: How do you expect me to fix your tendencies if I can’t turn my back on you for one simple second?

Male: I can’t help it Lottie, you know that! You bring me to a warehouse with plenty of hazards for me to trip over and you scold me for not listening? I wanted to see down that path and I tripped on a wire!

The female, CiR’s Lottie Kelly, tosses her hair back and looks at the camera, surprised almost.

Lottie Kelly: Oho. You’re early. I said half past one not half past twelve... never mind. Care for a drink? I’ve got plenty.

The camera shakes and Lottie smiles half-heartedly before she turns on the heels of her steel toe-capped boots and she opens a bag placed by an old work bench.

Lottie Kelly: addressing the operator I do apologise for bringing you out into the middle of almost nowhere. I love an old warehouse, see, so the chance to have a little look around was inevitable. Of course, I just had to bring my student along with me... say hi, Riley.

The male waves hesitantly as Lottie pulls a plastic bottle of cola out of the bag.

Lottie Kelly: He’s a bit camera shy, which is what a friend of mine asked me for my help for. He’s asked me to have Mr. Riley Oswald here follow me around, learn how to be a presence on camera for his career in the ring too. Don’t you think he’s got all the tools already to be a success? I mean, look at him! He’s six foot five inches tall! He weighs as near as makes no difference to three hundred pounds! Unfortunately he’s also as clumsy as he is strong, and he’s not afraid at all to admit it. It’s down to me to improve his camera presence, and perhaps fix his clumsiness too.

Riley scoffs.

Riley Oswald: Good luck with the clumsiness fixing...

Lottie Kelly: ignoring Riley All that to go around with my ring work too... it was obvious, wasn’t it? I’ve been a bit behind in my training when I stepped between the ropes in that battle royal. That’s not the real me! The real me focuses on what she does, not just showing up to make up the numbers! Can anyone seriously remember what I did back in that battle royal?

Riley Oswald: You got eliminated...

Lottie grabs hold of a nearby steel pipe and raises it threateningly in Riley’s direction and he fakes flinching, chuckling also.

Lottie Kelly: Don’t think I’m not serious about swinging, I will if I hear one more piece of sarcasm from you today!

Riley Oswald: Jeez, can’t I state the obvious? You asked if anyone seriously remembers what you did back in that battle royal and I gave you an honest answer!

Lottie sighs as she realizes what he means, to which Riley merely smiles.

Lottie Kelly: Look. Let this be a warning to anyone that wants to step in my way in the future. Yes, I might be a girl, but yeah, I’ll kick your *censored* too if I need to! This is a second beginning for me. The battle royal... it was a false start. Make yourselves comfortable if you want to if you see me across the ring; heck, I’ll let you even underestimate me if you want to! Just remember to count your teeth when I’m done knocking ‘em down your throat after giving you a kiss with a fist. And have luck too, remembering who or where you are, when I’ve dropped you onto your heads so hard you’ll think you’re appearing on Infamy when you’re on Bloodshed! Riley, let’s go. I need me some ice cream.

Riley nods before Lottie stuffs the unopened bottle of cola into the bag and she slings it over a shoulder before the pair of them begin walking away from the camera which soon fades to the next segment.
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