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Post  BBR on Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:09 pm

The Godfather remix theme song starts playing in the sold out arena of CIR as Big Boss Rosario walks on stage with his Black and Red suit and a microphone in hand and his famous Cuban cigar in the other. Big Boss continues his way down the ramp heading to the ring. Big Boss enters the ring and takes the middle of the ring as his theme song slowly fades out.

Big Boss brings his cigar to his mouth, pulls a lighter out of his pocket with the same hand and lights it up, takes a puff off it and blows the smoke off his mouth in the air then brings the mic to his lips.

'' It didn't go the way I wanted to go...''

The crowd boos

'' I walked down that ramp, slide in that very ring, gave a punch here, a kick there and then got eliminated from the rumble...''

The crowd boos again

'' But that's the past and I'm all about the future. I came back to wrestle and make a difference in the new era of this company and I plan to keep my word.

The crowd suddenly turns their boos into cheers.

'' I've been thru hell already and I'm not gonna stop now! ''

Big Boss takes another puff from his cigar then blows away the smoke in the air.

'' Every time I stepped in this ring I gave my absolutely best for the fans, for myself for this company!''

'' Yesterday they were talking about Mayweather versus McGregor but today they're talking about Carnage in the ring and tomorrow they will be talking about Big Boss Rosario's plans!''

The crowd cheers.

'' My plans are simple...I'm going to climb my way back to the top of the wrestling industry and cement my name in the history of Carnage In Ring just like I did in Hardcore Wrestling Alliance in 2011, just like I did in Flaming Skull Wrestling in 2012 and just like I did in New World Paradise in 2013. ''

The crowd start chanting his name over and over.

'' I'm happy for the successful run of every champions in the company and I wish them luck but I don't plan to sit back here and watch everyone reach for their goals and fail while I'm the one who can and will risk it all to reach my damn goals!''

'' So this is a direct message to the number one contenders for every championship belts and every champions... I'm coming for what I want and it starts....- takes a short pause - NOW! ''

Big Boss drops his mic and takes a puff off his cigar as his theme starts playing.

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