Lottie And Lace

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Lottie And Lace

Post  Lottie Kelly on Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:37 pm

The scene opens up to the inside of an unused TV studio. In the middle of the studio stands a camera, one which you would normally operate from a chair, which currently has CiR’s Lottie Kelly sat in the seat working on its settings in a plain black T-shirt and jeans. In front of the camera, milling about to one side for now is her student of sorts, Riley Oswald, looking dapper in a full tuxedo as he reads a laminated sheet of paper in his hands.

Riley Oswald: So what’s the point of this, exactly?

Lottie Kelly: You what?

She puts her hair up into a ponytail as she glances at the instructions for the camera.

Riley Oswald: The whole point of this! What’s the whole point of me standing in the middle of a studio with only the camera operator and that camera that you’re working on around us? What’s the whole point of wearing... wearing this as well! I feel like a hippo on the red carpet, not like Riley Oswald usually does!

Lottie Kelly: What would make you feel better? And if you’re thinking of saying ‘getting out of whatever you’re making me do’, get that idea out of your head straight away. I’ve been set a mission by your coaches and I’ll be damned if I lose my one hundred percent record on a bumbling buffoon, one who presents me with what should be the easiest of my fixes so far but has to question absolutely everything about my chosen methods!

Riley Oswald: It just feels a bit...

Lottie sighs as she hops down from the seat.

Lottie Kelly: Extreme, does it? Trust me, Riley Oswald, I could have been more extreme than this in my method for today’s session but no, I thought I’d pull the reins back a little to ease you in.

Riley Oswald: I just... it feels a little uncomfortable for me to be in a flashy tuxedo and you’re there in your jeans and a tee.

Lottie Kelly: Would it make you feel a little less uncomfortable if I was to slip into something a bit more glamorous for the rest of the session instead? I’ve got something a little fancier in my bag foreseeing your complaints...

She sighs as she goes to walk over to a bag in the corner of the studio but Riley stops her.

Riley Oswald: What’s the goal of this session if I’m allowed to ask? To me, it feels like the goal is to go through this scripted piece you’ve given me in an uncomfortable situation...

Lottie Kelly: My goal originally was merely to get you to practice talking to a camera but... why, would you like me to make that be the goal of this session instead?

Riley Oswald: If you want to then yes. I would then go one further and ask if you can show me afterwards, perhaps with the same script or something improvised, about how you would talk to the camera in an uncomfortable situation for you? Moreso, is there anything that makes you feel uncomfortable in front of a camera?

Lottie puckers her lips in thought.

Lottie Kelly: Ooh. Good question... um... I guess there’s always an uncomfortable feeling inside me when I might accidentally be caught on camera in my underwear but that’s only ever happened once I think and I was pretty sharp to move to cover myself in a dress.

Riley raises his eyebrows and she quizzically looks at him before she makes a realisation and she gasps.

Lottie Kelly: No... I mean... if I was unemployed or doing the indy circuit then I probably would but I’m part of a... I can’t!

She frowns as she pauses to compose her initial thoughts, a look of indecision from Riley only confusing her even more.

Lottie Kelly: I mean, it’s been a couple of years since that incident of being filmed in my underwear and I’m a lot more confident with my body than I was back then but... it’s that thought that ‘oh, look at the girl who teaches people how to do promos in her underwear’ or the ilk.

Riley Oswald: How about... I go through this today, we work on whatever you want me to if you’ve got more planned for the day and our next session can be done from the more vulnerable side of working promos?

Lottie looks thoughtful before she kicks her flat shoes off of her feet towards her bag, sliding to a perfect stop one next to the other just beside the bag.

Riley Oswald: You’re not are you..?

Lottie smiles meekly.

Lottie Kelly: If you promise not to gawk too much then I might as well do it out of the way. I’d much rather be seen as the girl who, despite her initial aversions to the challenge put towards her, is one who goes through with it instead of being seen as the girl who cowered in fear at it, delaying it for a week when she could easily then put it off yet another week after all. And you know what?

She moves away from the camera in front of her to the right and shoots a smile to Riley then the camera before she unzips the front of her jeans then unbuckles her belt, grabbing the sides and pulls them down without a second thought, kicking them away from her ankles when they’re all the way down revealing a scanty pair of cobalt blue silk knickers with lace detailing on the sides.

Riley Oswald: You really don’t have to do it! I was joking about you doing it...

Lottie merely smirks before she grabs the bottom of her T-shirt.

Lottie Kelly: You wanted to complain about feeling uncomfortable in a tuxedo, and now the thought of a woman undressing in front of you makes you feel uncomfortable too? Are you a man or a mouse, Riley Oswald?

Riley stutters as he tries to formulate a sentence but merely makes a choked sound as Lottie pokes her tongue out before she pulls her T-shirt off in one fluid motion and Riley can’t help but do a double take, doing his best to stick to his promise not to gawk but cannot resist briefly mid-motion as she uncovers her matching cobalt blue silk bra with laced detailing. She then stoops down to pick up her jeans and she places them with her T-shirt down on top of her bag before she stands with a wide smile back next to the camera she was working on.

Riley Oswald: What a way to make me feel awkward...

Lottie Kelly: That’s weird, because I don’t feel awkward at all. I’ll stand here as I am and not feel awkward or be ashamed of it regardless of my shape or size; even if I had a few lumps and bumps here and there, isn’t it the in-thing to say us women should be body positive? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got more to love or you’re a stick-thin model... as long as you yourself love what you see in the mirror, why should you give a damn about what others think?

Riley Oswald: Come to think of it, you’ve got a point.

Lottie Kelly: Of course I’ve got a point. I’m a sporty girl with conditioning beyond belief and I’m in probably the best visual shape I’ve ever been without being excessive, so why shouldn’t I flaunt what my mama gave me in my lingerie? I could recite anything you wanted me to right now, Riley, and I’d be a lot more confident without a script than you would be working on that script I’ve given you. I’ve got the guts to stand here as I am for the world to see, and I do not regret it at all now. Do you still want to complain about feeling awkward?

Riley smiles sheepishly at Lottie’s words.

Riley Oswald: You know what I’d like to do?

Lottie Kelly: Forget that I told you not to gawk too much?

Riley chuckles.

Riley Oswald: Not quite. What I’d like to do is wonder how many of the men on the roster you’re on would be willing to be on-camera in nothing more than their tighty whities...

Lottie Kelly: I don’t know, and I’m not one to want to find out either. But you know what this does give me a chance to show you instead?

Riley Oswald: I’d hate to think.

Lottie Kelly: Watch...

She undoes the ponytail in her hair and lets it fall to her shoulders before she turns and steps towards the operator’s camera confidently.

Lottie Kelly: addressing the camera directly Last week, like I said in that warehouse, I would show to the world that my debut at the battle royal at last season’s pay-per-view was nothing more than a fluke. Last week, I proved to the opponent that management set up for me that I’m not to be taken lightly, whether it’s in the ring or out of it. I’m the brightest star that any roster can have, and anything that I touch usually turns to gold.

She turns a strap of her bra back to normal as she realises it’s turned slightly.

Lottie Kelly: So this week, I have a warning for those who think that it was just an anomaly, a nothing result against someone that was lucky to be sharing a ring with me, someone sent out to make me look good perhaps. I might be a pretty little thing that looks pretty cracking in a set of underwear if I say so myself, but the difference between the look I’m portraying now and the true me is completely different. I’m not the cookie-cutter seductress a set of lingerie would normally portray, oh no! I’m a lean, mean, ass-kicking machine that lets you see me quite willingly in my lingerie, and then kicks those thoughts out of your head faster than you can dredge up those mental images. So I tell you again... underestimate me if you want to, because whether I’m in my lingerie or in my ring gear, the mantra of Lottie Kelly is simple; underestimate me at your peril, because I’ll be the one standing tall when the bell goes!

She finishes with a wink to the camera before she turns to face Riley.

Lottie Kelly: That should teach you that clothing doesn’t dictate how you perform a promo. Sure, I interlaced my current state of dress into it, but it put my point across pretty well did it not? I know you might not exactly feel comfortable in that tux, but I want you to get used to looking the part.

Riley Oswald: OK, I get it, I get it... I know if I was a guy on the roster you’re on, I wouldn’t take you lightly.

Lottie smirks.

Riley Oswald: And can I admit something?

Lottie Kelly: Go for it.

Riley Oswald: tentatively You look amazing.

Lottie merely smiles before she sits behind the camera without bothering to redress then orders Riley to stand on a black cross on the floor in front of the green screen before the scene fades to the next segment.
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