Purging the Pure (Prior to Infamy Main Event) (Infamy Week 1)

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Purging the Pure (Prior to Infamy Main Event) (Infamy Week 1)

Post  Kaleb Konnely on Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:31 pm

The scene begins with a reveal of a dark room, with an eerie glow at the center of the room. A soft sinister chuckle can be heard in the darkness before Trent Acid appears in the center of the room. With the eerie glowing light at the chest of Trent, Trent looks dead on at the camera with absolutely no emotion.
Trent Acid: So it seems the powers that be has given me a chance at redemption. It is time The Seventh Sanctum puts themselves on the map officially starting tonight as I claim this "Purity" Championship. Tonight, begins the purging of these "Pure" souls for once I claim this Purity Championship, I will show all those among me that they have not seen the true light. Only the Seventh Sanctum can see the ever lasting light, and no false idol can tell you otherwise.
Trent Acid steps closer to the camera, the eerie glowing light now standing above his head.
Trent Acid: CiR...Bask in the glory of our Sanctum for it is the only safe haven away from destruction. For if you are not saved by our hands, you will be destroyed by them and forced to see our unredeemable demons that lurk within our very souls. The Seventh Sanctum has embarked on a relentless journey of atonement and tonight, that journey begins when I become the NEW CIR Purity Champion! Welcome to the Sanctum...
The room suddenly blacks out entirely, before the lights kick back on fully. The camera pans around the room attempting to locate Trent Acid but he is nowhere to be found.
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