The Human Fish (Infamy)

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The Human Fish (Infamy)

Post  Lottie Kelly on Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:02 pm

The camera opens up to the inside of a changing room. The walls around are all clinically white, with stainless steel lockers adorning two of the walls at the back of the room, with a pair of double doors on a third wall and another door heading to bathrooms on the fourth. Wooden benches are dotted around the room, and a clock sits above the double doors. Sat at one of the benches with a kitbag next to her is a sporty black bikini-clad Lottie Kelly currently in the middle of pulling out a pair of diving fins out of her bag.

Lottie Kelly: Hey.

She smiles as she pulls a pair of goggles out of her bag now and places them on top of the fins for now.

Lottie Kelly: I bet you’re currently wondering what I’m doing in such a situation, huh? Well... I guess I can start it with where it needs to finish really. Riley entered a competition see to win a chance to have cooking lessons from primo Italian chefs in Italy itself so he’s gone there for a week effectively to learn a new skill as his cooking... well, I won’t say it’s great but it’s not horrid either; he makes a cracking apple crumble he learned from his mother but I swear I can still smell the burnt spices from his attempt at doing a curry which he not so much didn’t keep an eye on but over-heated therefore burning them and it went from bad to worse after... anyhow. So yeah, he’s gone there to effectively learn a new skill which left me wondering whether I should merely enjoy a bit of a break or if I should find a new skill to learn as well which has led me here... I’m already familiar with scuba diving see, and I was talking to a neighbour of mine and Riley’s who said he’s an instructor at this facility about it too. He asked me if I’ve ever tried or learned anything about freediving, to which I said no of course. He got talking more and more about it to me and I thought... well, if Riley asks if I’ve done anything with my time whilst he’s been away I can at least tell him about this can’t I? Mind you, at first I was sceptical when my neighbour showed me a video yesterday that he shows all of his students highlighting both the good and the dangers of the sport. But then he went into a little talk about a few facts and figures that hooked me in; for example, did you know that as we breathe normally, we’re not using our lungs to our fullest capabilities?

The camera shakes a couple of times before Lottie smile weakly as she pulls a branded black wetsuit with silver pin-striping out of her kitbag, unfolding her wetsuit as she speaks.

Lottie Kelly: Thought not. It got me curious in the end and you know what? I decided that I’ve always been one to try something new and this sure is new. I had to buy a new wetsuit though; it’s something I’ve always had one of but the last time I went scuba diving was about three years ago, and in those three years I’ve not exactly got bigger but it didn’t fit as well as it should have done. At least unlike my previous one it matches my hair... alas it was something that I needed so I thought I might as well buy a new one for myself instead of renting one. I like trying different things like I said, in the hope that in trying something new, it might give me a few different options for training, a few different techniques perhaps that I might be able to incorporate into my wrestling training that I might not have thought of before, or that I think will be of some kind of use in the long term. Perhaps I could use some of the breathing techniques to help me during my training? I dunno. I guess I’ll find out when I hit the water...

The camera operator asks her a question as she slips the lower half of her body into the wetsuit.

Lottie Kelly: Am I nervous? I’m not sure if I’m more nervous or more excited to try it if I’m completely honest. It feels like I’ve got butterflies in my stomach, like a cement mixer y’know? Of course I’m nervous about trying something new, especially knowing what my neighbour showed me yesterday. But I’m excited to try it as well, it’s like... I’m nervous but I can’t wait to get started if that makes sense? It takes a lot for me to feel nervous about anything too!

She laughs sheepishly as she pulls her legs through the ends of her wetsuit.

Lottie Kelly: I don’t quite know what’s got into me today...

Sighing, she stands back up momentarily to pull the wetsuit over her hips before she sits back down.

Lottie Kelly: It’s the same anticipation I get whenever I get in the ring; sure, I talk a good game but you go and find me a wrestler around the world that doesn’t have at least a shred of nerves before each match. If you can’t find one, ask those who say no if they would feel nervous if this was their last ever match. Ask them if they botch a landing so badly they *censored* their knees, their ankles, heck even their legs up so badly that they can’t wrestle again, let alone perhaps walk again. Ask them if they both a landing up so badly they break their necks, again meaning they can’t wrestle or walk again if their injury’s that bad. I tell you something, it’s hard to find a wrestler whether they’re face or heel or in-between that will honestly say that they’re never nervous ahead of a match, even when you put the idea that one false move, one bad landing could be the end of their career at the drop of an ambulance’s clutch.

She smiles weakly before she puts her arms through their sleeves and gives the wrists a slight adjust when she finishes bringing her arms through.

Lottie Kelly: Nerves can transcend into energy as well; once you hear your music play, once you hear the adulation or the disdain from the crowd at you, you forget everything that you were worried about, you forget that this could be your last match all in the name of putting on a show for the crowd who’ve paid good money to watch you and the rest of the guys and girls on the card put on a show! They’ve paid their hard earned cash to let their hair down, adorn themselves in whatever merchandise they can get their hands on of their favourite wrestlers and they expect us as wrestlers to give it our all; they want us to wrestle each match as if it could be our last, they want us to take whatever risks it takes to make sure they go home with smiles on their faces, talking to their friends or their families about the show they went to for weeks after.

She looks at a clock in the room after she puts her head through the hole in the wetsuit, sitting it in place ready as she gets to her feet.

Lottie Kelly: Ah, shucks. I best finish getting ready. I wish I could stay and talk all day with you, but I think it’s about time I learn how to be a human fish. I was told he’ll be ready in about twenty minutes from the moment I got in here and I’ve spent twelve of it already. Now could you give me a hand? I can’t do the zip, the tag’s gone inwards not on the outside...

The camera operator places the camera down on a bench as Lottie moves into the gap between herself and the camera, the female camera operator un-tucking a cord attached to the zip and helps Lottie pull the zip as the scene then fades to the next segment.
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