an interview with a man named N

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an interview with a man named N

Post  Mister N on Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:15 am

The camera fades to a scene of a hallway. Bex is seen walking down the hallway with a cameraman trailing close behind. Then we see Mister N, who is walking in the opposite direction, but is unaware of Bex, as he is on his phone. Bex doesn’t seem to notice N either, and they continue walking until they almost bump into each other; however N realizes what is about to happen, and veers to the side just in time

Mister N: Sorry.

Bex: No, no it’s fine. Actually…

Bex frowns

Bex: How would you like to do an interview? We’ve got a camera here, and…

Bex waits for an answer. N thinks about it.

Mister N: Well, actually...I was going to the ring, but...sure. We can do one.

Bex: Great!’s rolling I think.

Bex checks the camera, then addresses the fans

Bex: Well, here with me today i have Mister N! Now N, earlier tonight, Adam Harvey announced that you would be competing tonight against Akiza Rose, but with the added stipulation that the winner will be added into the Carnage Briefcase match at Extreme Rewards 6. What i want to know is, what was your initial reaction to Adam Harvey announcing this huge match for tonight, especially considering the fact, that it is essentially a contention match for the Carnage Briefcase contract.

N considers his answer

Mister N: Well, I actually got this news weeks in advance. In fact, i think it was around week 5 of the last season...Adam basically called me up at around 9 pm, and just said “You have a chance to get in the Carnage Briefcase match. Don’t [censored] it up”, and then hung up. So that was a little...surprising, to say the least. But based on what he said, I assumed he meant a match, clearly i was correct, based on what we’ve heard tonight, but the time, i didn't know. Considering what at stake, of course i was going to prepare. It’s just that, i wish i could’ve found out about my opponent sooner, because if i had known who my opponent would be, I might have taking it a bit easier in training...

Bex frowns

Bex: What do you mean?

N nods his head slowly

Mister N: Well...I had two weeks to get prepared and get in shape for what i assumed to be a wrestling match against a formidable opponent. And Azika, she might be considered a good wrestler by many people in this business,’s just not a challenge. To me personally, she’s not a...worthy opponent. Which makes me wonder why Adam made that match in the first place, because he knows as well as i do, that I’m running through her tonight. She can’t compete with me, and it just makes me wonder…

N trails off

Bex: What?

Mister N: Nevermind. You wanted to ask me something else?

Bex: Right. So, Akiza, as I’m sure you know, is part of the Order. You’ve had history with this group, seeing as you’re the one who dethroned the leader Faren Height, stripped him of his DD title. How will that history play out in tonight’s match?

N smirks

Mister N: Um, it isn’t.

Bex frowns

Bex: Sorry?

Mister N: You heard me. It isn’t. Unless the Order gets involved, it isn’t. And let me tell you right now, if we aren’t counting local enhancement talent, the Faren fight might have been the easiest match of my career. The fight he gave me is one you wouldn’t expect from a champion, so why would I expect Akiza to be any different? It’s really a slap in the face, being expected to have a real match tonight. And I fully understand that her group can interfere. With a 4 on 1 advantage, they’ll...she might win. I’m doing everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen, but you probably will. And I’ve trained with that in mind, but you have to understand, they’re...creative, to say the least. You asked how are history would play out? There you go. If they interfere. If they help her win. And if they do help her win, then the next few weeks are going get tough for them. This is the biggest opportunity I’ve gotten in my CiR career, so I’m not going to sit around and let it disappear. If that means i have to make sure she doesn’t make it to ER able to compete, then that’s what I’ll do.

Bex nods, and asks the next question

Bex: Ok. Now, the Carnage Briefcase has helped jump start people’s careers, in fact, the last winner is now CiR World Heavyweight Champion. How important is it for you to win that match?

N frowns

Mister N: Does my career need a jump start?

N looks at Bex

Mister N: I came in this company, immediately became the number one contender for the Alpha Title. And it was right at my fingertips, but Vahn interfered. So the next season, I got a chance, and became Double Down Champion. And now, I’m have a chance to get in the Carnage Briefcase. All of that, happened in 8 months. I’ve done more in those 8 months, than Steven Why, Rausch, Joey, Prayme, or anybody else have done in one, two, even three years. And I’ve haven’t even begun yet. The thing you all need to understand is, if i win Carnage Briefcase, I put myself in the history books. Not for being the greatest ever, that’ll come later. But because in 9 months, I became Double Down Champion, number one contender for the Alpha title, almost won that Alpha title, and Carnage Briefcase winner. And what happens when i cash that briefcase in? I become CiR World Heavyweight Champion. The Youngest. Champion. Ever.  

N smirks

Mister N: All in 1 year. Think about that.

N walks away, and Bex looks on, and signals for the camera

Bex: Well, that was Mister N! Thanks for tuning in, and back to the announcers table.

The camera fades to black
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