Turn up the Heat

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Turn up the Heat

Post  Jason Storm on Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:01 am

“Sound of Madness” by Shinedown starts blaring out of the speakers as the lights in the arena shut off. As the music builds up with lights flashing to the beat of the song, Jason Storm slowly emerges from the back. He makes his way down the ramp and slides underneath the bottom rope. He motions to the side as an attendant hands him a microphone.

Jason Storm: “I was going to come out here and complain about the Order and what they did. I was going to come out and demand I get another shot at the Carnage Ladder qualifier. But I wont have to do that. Do you know why? Well let me tell ya.”

He begins pacing around inside the ring.

Jason Storm: “Well, boss man Harvey, agreed with me and is giving me another shot that I rightful deserve. Now some of you may not understand why he is giving me another shot. Well let me tell you about that as well. For those that don’t remember, a few weeks ago I was facing Faren Height, one on one, with the winner advancing into the Carnage Ladder match at Extreme Rewards.”

Jason stops pacing

Jason Storm: “Just as I was about to win, good old Faren Height couldn’t handle the heat I was handing him so he had to get his band of merry men to come help him by distracting me so he could blindside me and pick up the pinfall.”

He heads to the turnbuckle and leans on it

Jason Storm: “Not only did you beat me, but more importantly, you cost me an opportunity at a future championship…lucky for you though, Harvey gave me another shot because he knows that I would have won that match if your pose didn’t step in and cost me. Now this week I take on Captain Smokey, and once I beat him and rightfully gain entry to the Carnage Ladder match, I’m coming for you Faren Height…”

He starts pacing around the ring again

Jason Storm: “You think you can interfere with me and my career here in CiR and get away with it…we will just have to see about that.”

Jason drops the mic as his music beings to play again. He exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp as the screen fades to black.
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