Assessing the Competition

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Assessing the Competition

Post  Matt Riddle on Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:05 pm

“Who are ‘The Family’..?”

The camera pans up to reveal Kenta Young, dressed in a jet black suit, the blazer opened to reveal the tie hanging loosely around his neck.

Kenta Young: “The kings of the CIR tag division?”


Matt Riddle stumbles almost into the camera’s view, leaning on his tag partners shoulders as Kenta Young carries on listing things.

Kenta Young: “Better than us?”

Matt Riddle: “Nope!”

Kenta Young: “Anything special?”

Matt Riddle: “Nope!”

Kenta Young: “Good at cutting promo’s?”

Matt Riddle: “Nope!”

Kenta Young: “Good at wrestling?”

Matt Riddle: “Nope!”

Kenta Young: “Good at drawing money?”

Matt Riddle: “Nope!”

Kenta Young: “Then what are they?
I mean, they talk a big game for a bunch of nobodies who haven’t done anything outside of this company.
I get that we’re both rookies Matt, but can a ‘family’ really stand up to two legitimate fighters?”

Matt Riddle: “Let’s see if they can answer that question when they get put to sleep, bro!”

Matt laughs and high-fives his tag partner, then points a finger gun at the camera, staring straight into it.

Matt Riddle: “Cos I’m gonna knock out whichever of you gets in my way. Cool? BANG!”

Matt fires the ‘gun’ while Kenta offers a cheeky wink, the camera fading to black.
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