Back in Tag (Open to Lottie)

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Back in Tag (Open to Lottie)

Post  Matt Riddle on Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:11 pm

The CarnageTron lights up and shows an image of a backstage corridor in all of its glory. There are muffled sounds coming from one of the rooms, and the camera moves towards it. A hand reaches out to open the door, and inside is Matt Riddle, wearing workout shorts and kickpads, throwing kicks and knees at a punching bag. He doesn't seem to notice the door or the cameraman, and doesn't stop his training. The camera watches for a few seconds, and then there's the sound of someone clearing their throat off-camera. With that, Matt throws one last bicycle knee at the bag, and looks over.

Matt Riddle: Hey bro, want a word?

Cameraman: We'd just like to get your thoughts on your upcoming tag team match tonight. After declaring your intentions to go solo, how do you feel about being put in a tag team match with Lottie Kelly?

Matt smirks for a second, and tilts his head while he considers his words.

Matt Riddle: It's not entirely unexpected. I came here as a tag wrestler, after all. It's only natural that they want to see that flow again. I'm honestly just happy that they booked me at all. I'll have fun with my tag partner, and hopefully win.

Cameraman: But you were tag partner of Kenta Young who you arrived with from another promotion. How will you adjust to a tag team partner that you've never worked with or wrestled before? Is there a learning curve?

Matt Riddle: Ofcourse there is, I'm not going into this match saying that we'll gel like a well-oiled tag team. That takes time. But, as previously stated, I was a tag team wrestler and I know how to work with people, so even if we aren't perfect, we'll have an edge. That and the fact that I kick people really, really hard.

Cameraman: And what of your tag team partner, the Carnage in Ring Double Down champion and winner of the Rising Star award, Lottie Kelly? Do you worry she might outperform you and take the win?

Matt Riddle: From what I've seen, Lottie Kelly is a phenomenal wrestler, and I'm very honoured to get the chance to work with her. She deserves the award and I can definitely see why she is a champion of this promotion. I'm not worried about her out-performing me, though. As long as we have fun, I'll be happy. If we win, that's a great bonus, be it me or her that secures that. At the end of the day, I'm going to go out there and do what I do best, and if my opponents are lucky, they won't get knocked out.

Cameraman: OK Matt, thanks for your time, good luck tonight.

Matt Riddle: Thanks bro, take it easy.

The camera starts to back out of the room, and Matt turns his attention back to the bag.

[Lottie, you can jump in if you want to, but if not then it can end there]
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