The Future of the Chamber

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The Future of the Chamber

Post  Jimmy James on Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:34 am

The ringside area is quiet until a “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth starts playing throughout the entire arena. Without seconds, Adam Harvey steps onto the stage with a giant smile on his face. He stands in the middle of said stage and points to the left side and the right side, wanting to see which side will give him the loudest reaction. He points to both sides again, then claps towards all of the fans.
He waits for his music to lower before raising the microphone that is in his hands to his lips.

Adam Harvey: “I hope you all have enjoyed the action that CiR has given to you all tonight. I hope you all have been standing on your feet and having a great time with your family, friends, or just those around you.
However, I want to do something completely different than I normally like. I want you all to take a seat because I have two major announcements.”

Adam pauses for a few seconds, possibly to jokingly let the fans take a seat.
Adam Harvey: “In four weeks, we will see King defend the Carnage in Ring World Heavyweight Championship for the second time this year against, the man he defeated for that championship, Jimmy James in a Last Man Standing match at Danger Zone. That we already know, and I would first, before I continue, like to congratulate King on his successful defense of the championship at the Season 50 Finale Special two weeks ago on Bloodshed!
Now that that is out of the way here is the announcement:
Due to Jimmy James invoking his rematch clause for Danger Zone, the Danger Zone tradition of the CiR World Heavyweight Championship being defended inside of the Elimination Chamber will not be happening this year.”

The crowd boos this, and Adam gives a knowing nod as if he expected that response.
Adam Harvey: “Believe me, I’m not happy about it either. But then I thought about it… we still have the Double Down Championship Elimination Chamber tradition. We could just do that.
But no, we can’t just have one Elimination Chamber match!
That is why tonight I am announcing that in four weeks at Danger Zone we are not breaking one but two traditions as there will be no CiR World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber and no Double Down Championship Elimination Chamber!”

Heavy boos rain down towards Adam, who looks at the crowd now shocked at their response to his announcement. He looks around at the audience in confusion.
Adam Harvey: “What guy, you don’t like that announcement?
Well I’m going to continue on to my next announcement whether you like it or not. In four weeks, we will break tradition as the CiR World Heavyweight Championship will be defended in a Last Man Standing match and the Double Down Championship will be defended against an opponent yet to be named.
As we continue to break tradition, Steven Why will have his first defense of the Bloodshed Championship at Danger Zone against… one… two… three… four… five other competitors inside the Elimination Chamber!”

The boos turn to cheers as the bad news turned into good news!
Adam Harvey: “You think I’m done there? I don’t care if you think that the Bloodshed Championship being defended inside the Elimination Chamber for the first time ever is enough.
Nah, I don’t care.
That’s because I’m going to stack another chamber on top of that match and give you two Chamber matches with a championship being defended for the first time ever in both matches.
Speaking of stacking, two times six is twelve and that is how many people will be inside the chain structure in the second Elimination Chamber that I’m announcing for Danger Zone!
But Adam, how can there be twelve people when there are only four pods? I think ahead, ladies and gentlemen, because there will be two people locked in each pod with four people starting the match. Four people… that’s almost like… a tag team match… that’s because at Danger Zone along with the Bloodshed Chamber we will get to see the Tag Team Championship defended by the new champions Ruthless!”

“Holy [censored]” chants ring throughout the arena as Adam smiles at the fans.
Adam Harvey: “The Board of Directors and myself have discussed both matches in the last week and we have decided this: for the Tag Team Championship Chamber, Ruthless will defend the titles against The Family, The Seventh Sanctum, Pure Excellence, The Order, and The Life Partners. Two teams will start the match, and slowly other teams will be released into the match. The way to eliminate a team is by pinning or submitting either of the teammates. If one person taps or is pinned, both men are eliminated.
For the Bloodshed Championship Chamber, Shane Brady still hasn’t gotten his rematch for the championship, so we have decided to give him a bye to the Chamber match. I know that might see some controversy from the rest of the roster, but he hasn’t gotten his contractual rematch and he earned it by being the longest reigning Bloodshed Championship in CiR history.
The other four competitors will have to go through a qualifier to enter the Chamber. We will start those qualifiers later on tonight!
Tonight, we have Vahn versus Kaleb Konnely. Then after that we will see the undefeated Hjalmar Gunnarson versus General Freedom! We will continue the qualifiers into next week as Tom Midas will face an opponent yet to be named, and Mister N will step into the ring with Victor Machado! The winners of these four matches will go to Danger Zone in one of the most dangerous matches in wrestling history: the Elimination Chamber.
I hope to see you all there, and I hope to see all of these wrestlers walking after the Chamber.”

The authority over Carnage in Ring’s programming bows to the crowd, then bows towards them. The crowd him on as he turns around and goes to the backstage area. The screen fades to black.
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