The 'SIS!' to his 'BRO!'

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The 'SIS!' to his 'BRO!'

Post  Lottie Kelly on Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:26 am

The scene opens up to the inside of the house of Double Down champion Lottie Kelly and her boyfriend, Riley Oswald. The adornments of various banners and streamers on walls and staircases indicate that a party is currently happening, along with the various guests all dressed similarly in typical American college student clothing. The air is filled with a mixture of excitable talking from the guests or blaring music from a boom box in the living room, which is still relatively loud as the camera makes its way to the backyard, where a buffet table groans under a mountain of heaping stacks of burgers and hot dogs, with a huge bowl of tortilla chips sat in the middle of the table with a vat of nacho cheese next to it with a ladle poking out of the top.

A second table groans under various brands and types of alcohol, where a few guests loiter as they line up shots of vodka. The camera then turns to face a third table, where a hasty game of beer pong is being set up as a checked shirt and jeans clad Riley Oswald is currently splitting a set of clear plastic cups out onto the table as a bemused Lottie Kelly, dressed in a plain black tank-top and jeans with her hair tied back into a ponytail, waits as Riley sets ten cups in a triangle either end of the table and an eleventh each side slightly away from each triangle.

Lottie Kelly: So would you care to explain the rules to me?

Riley Oswald: I will when we’re ready. Give me chance! Go and collect four or six others to play. Maybe we’ll go boys versus girls?

Lottie sighs.

Lottie Kelly: Fine. OK.

She sighs again as she wanders around the house, the camera following her as she recruits six other people, three men and three women like Riley suggested to her, before she returns to the table where Riley has two ping pong balls and the cups in the triangle are filled with beer, the other solo cups filled with water.

Riley Oswald: BEER PONG!

The other men all whoop as Lottie observes the table and Riley passes her one of the two ping pong balls.

Lottie Kelly: Explain please?

Riley Oswald: Simple really; all you need to do is throw or bounce the ball into one of the cups. If you land the ball in a cup, a member of the other team has to drink the contents of that cup!

Lottie Kelly: And the team that gets the other to drink all of their cups wins?

Riley Oswald: Pretty much. We’ll do three rounds before we choose if we want to go for some more.

He shoots a lop-sided smile to her as she smiles half-heartedly back as the men and women in their respective teams line up behind them.

Riley Oswald: Ladies first.

Lottie Kelly: Gladly.

She lines up her first shot and goes for a bouncing shot into the cup furthest back to her left, catching the rim at the back of the cup but at an angle enough to bounce back into the cup and the women on her team whoop.

Riley Oswald: Huh. Beginner’s luck.

Lottie Kelly: Drink up, boys!

Riley smiles as he fishes the ball out of the cup and drinks the cup’s contents for his team as Lottie goes to the back of her team’s line.

The camera soon fades to later in the evening, where the game of beer pong has reached a crucial stage as each team has gained two more players and they’re at the end of a fifth and final round with one cup left at each end. Riley and Lottie are due to throw and Riley is first as Lottie waits impatiently.

Lottie Kelly: Come on, get on with it!

Riley Oswald: Patience...

He smirks before he aims his throw directly at the final cup with pace and it goes slightly to the left and misses the cup, a whoop of delight coming from Lottie’s team as Riley cusses his luck.

Lottie Kelly: Hey Riley!

She catches him just before he reaches the back of his team’s line.

Riley Oswald: Yeah?

She cleans the ball in her team’s wash cup.

Lottie Kelly: How about we raise the stakes a little on this last cup?

Riley Oswald: Shoot.

Lottie Kelly: Losing team has to clean everything up.

The girls in Lottie’s team all ‘ooh’ in anticipation as Riley sets a cocky smile on his face.

Riley Oswald: You best get your marigolds ready. Riley Oswald has NEVER! Been on a losing beer pong team.

Lottie Kelly: Oh really?

She giggles almost nonchalantly before she lobs her shot cleanly into the last cup of beer on Riley’s end and his cocky smile soon turns forced as Lottie whoops in joy and her team celebrates along with a few other female members of the watching crowd.

Lottie Kelly: I make that one set of marigolds to Riley Oswald and the boys to none, what says you girls?

The ladies all whoop as Riley downs the last cup of beer for his team and the crowd begins to disperse as Lottie and her team share the last cup of beer left.

Riley Oswald: I’m not upset to have my first beer pong loss.

Lottie Kelly: Aw, have I hurt your pride?

Riley sighs.

Riley Oswald: I’m just glad I got to teach my lovely lady how to play beer pong; for research purposes, naturally.

Lottie smiles.

Lottie Kelly: I just got a tip-off the other day that I’m set to team with a man that epitomises ‘bro’ culture on the first show back in Matt Riddle. Perhaps I can be the ‘sis’ to his ‘bro’ and we’ll dominate whoever we’re put up against?

Riley smirks as he steps into Lottie’s personal space.

Riley Oswald: The only ‘bro’ you’re the ‘sis’ for is this one.

Lottie giggles as she plants a firm, longing kiss on his lips as ladies on Lottie’s team all ‘ooh’ mockingly to a laugh from Lottie when she breaks the kiss and the scene begins to fade into the next segment.
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