Change of belief (Pre-match)

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Change of belief (Pre-match)

Post  Python on Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:55 pm

The lights fade to black and light back up with Python once again standing in the ring.
He begins to speak.

Python : Matt Riddle. A respectable competitor no denying that, but he hasn't met anyone like me yet. I wont make the same mistake I've done before, thinking this will be easy, ill be prepared this time. However, one thing makes me question just how worthy this riddle really is.

The crowd quietly chants, curious to see what python has to say next.

Python : A match. A match he may win or lose, said it himself. But instead of practicing, perhaps getting in extra training before the match. No. HES OUT HERE. SELLING MERCHANDISE.

The crowd starts roaring, it seems they agree with Python here.

Python : Let me tell you something Matt, I've had my share of losses, by that I mean I haven't won yet and i know from experience that ego gets you no where. So ill leave you with this , MATT RIDDLE. Lets see how far that merch gets you IN THE RING.

Python then drops the mic and sits in the centre of the ring, waiting for matt to come down and get this match started.

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