Time to accept it (pre-match)(open to lottie)(optional reply)

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Time to accept it (pre-match)(open to lottie)(optional reply)

Post  Python on Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:06 pm

Seemingly a signature move for this wrestler, the lights once again fade to black and light back up with Python standing in the ring.
He picks up a mic, no sign of annoyance over his loss last week.

Python : So. I lost again, but I`m not annoyed, i`m content in knowing that every week I come out here and give all the fans a match to remember. A match I may not win but that I will be remembered for. My record is horrific and of course i will work my hardest to improve it, so if losing is what it takes..
I Will do it WEEK after WEEK until I WIN because this is my passion.

The crowd once again roar, realising the change of heart in python and appreciating his will to wrestle.

Python : So Lottie and any other wrestler I fight after this point. Bring your A game. I will not lay down, I will not sit there and let you bruise me in a corner. I am a wrestler, so its time I put my integrity to the test. I WILL NOT STOP. UNTIL I WIN. I will take HUNDREDS of losses if that`s what it takes.

Python : But despite all this I will still keep my eye on a title, try and prove my self as a resilient fighter. Time to put my thoughts to the test.

The mic dropped, the crowd silent.
Python once again sat in the middle of the ring waiting for lottie to come down to the ring and either speak or fight.

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