Taking It Up A Notch (Infamy)

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Taking It Up A Notch (Infamy)

Post  Matt Riddle on Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:43 pm

The titantron flickers for a second before it cuts to a video feed from somewhere backstage. The camera in question is traveling down a hallway, and stops when footsteps are heard coming in the opposite direction. Matt Riddle walks around the corner, wearing a black SPLX t-shirt, a Black Panther snapback, and a pair of baggy black Tapout shorts. He nods to the cameraman, who approaches.

Cameraman: Hey Matt, just wanted to get your perspective on what happened last week and Lottie's announcement following your victory over Python.

Matt Riddle: Hey, bro. Yeah, I'm still processing it, to be honest. It's not something I was expecting. Usually a challenger goes after a champion, so it's a great honour to be singled out by her, but I just don't know why.

Cameraman: Any word on your opponent tonight?

Matt Riddle: Yeah, Thelonious is a solid bro, I'm looking forward to the match, and honestly, I'm gonna try to win this one. Usually I'm happy-go-lucky and chilled out, but when I've potentially got a title shot in my future, I need to prove I'm worthy, so from now on it looks like I'll be stepping it up a gear. Looks like it's time to get serious. I'm still gonna have fun, though.

Cameraman: Thanks Matt. Good luck.

Matt nods, and walks past the cameraman and down the corridor. The camera stays on his back until he is out of sight, and then cuts out.
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