Mind Games ( infamy ) - please confirm its PG enough

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Mind Games ( infamy ) - please confirm its PG enough

Post  BBR on Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:13 pm

Suddenly every light is turned off leaving a spotlight on stage and The Godfather theme remix by Jimmy Hendrix is played in the PA System.
Everyone is on their feet as Big Boss Rosario walks on stage and stands in the spotlight with his Black and red suit, black shades and his cigar in his mouth.

He takes a puff from his cigar and blows it in the air making a good effect on his way to the ring.
Big Boss enters the ring while staring at cameraman, Big Boss pulls out his personal mic from his jacket and waits for the music stops.

As soon the music stops the loud boos from the fans takes over, Big Boss stands there enjoying the heat from the sold out arena of CIR and waits till it tunes down before he starts speaking.

BBR: On my way here, I was passing by the flower store and I had to stop. I had to stop and smell that beautiful white rose they had in the corner of the store. I picked it up, brought it near my nose and inhaled the smell of that beauty.

Big Boss brings the mic to his nose and inhale then exhale.

BBR: The smell was so fresh and cool that it made me think maybe I was the wrong one all these years, maybe I was the bad man, maybe I was living with anger in me, maybe I only wanted to take advantage of others and feed that dark energy growing in me.

BBR pause for a short time then continues to speak.

BBR: Now I look at reality Joey and I see what you’re saying…I get what you’re doing…so I sincerely apologize for everything I’ve done to everyone. – drops his head- Specially you Joey. – brings his head back up and stares deeply in the camera’s eye- I’m sorry Joseph…I’m sorry for being too nice to you, I’m sorry for not realizing the female dog you were and still are!

The crowd start booing and jeering

BBR: You are weak and a waste! I regret putting time and faith on you all these years – Big Boss smirks - I won’t forgive myself for handing you all these things, your ungrateful piece of -censored-. And that goes for you all sitting in the arena pretending you having someone’s back but when something doesn’t go your way, you turn of them.

The crowd continues to boo Big Boss
Prayme stops and start thinking

BBR: Wait a minute…I know what you’re doing… - laugh- …you won many championship belts, won several matches, proved that you can wrestle with some of the big names…but nobody really cared…you want people to remember you…like they do with me…you want people to recognize you on the streets and cheer for you…you want to be relevant for once in your miserable life…so you’re coming after me…

Big Boss start laughing but quickly drops the laugh and gets serious

BBR: Joey I want you to hear me good..I want you to digest what I’m going to tell you and when you’re done with everything I want you to go

Before Big Boss Rosario continues to spek joey's theme cuts off, and is replaced by Crushed by Parkway Drive, and Joey Leclair comes out on the stage wearing blue jeans, and a black hoodie, and holding a microphone in his right hand as he stares down Big Boss before putting the microphone to his lips as his theme fades out.

Joey Leclair: Your right Big Boss in the fact that I do keep mentioning my success in New World Paradise, and that is because I believe every man should be proud of his accomplishments and cherish them, and I would be amiss to deny my failures like before New World Paradise I was a failure, and now after? I have done nothing great, but the difference between the Modern Joey, and the past Joey is that the modern is anything but a failure!

Joey paces back and forth on the stage not removing his gaze from Rosario.

Joey Leclair: I may not ever win a championship ever again, heck I may never win another match, but you see? I will never be a failure, because my wife Haley is back home carrying twins, a boy and a girl which is why she has not returned with me, and that is why I will never be a failure, because at the end of the day Haley is the only supporter I ever need, and when my kids are born, and begin learing who their father is? They can be proud to say that their father is a wrestler, and is the best dad in the world, but can you say the same thing Rosario? I look at your youngest son Eddie, and see a man who wanted to break into this business so bad, but he couldn't, and why couldn't he? He is your son isn't he? He is a member of a so called LEGENDARY family, but the truth of the matter is that the Rosario family began, and ended with you, because you can't even stand to share the spotlight with your own family, because it is all about you, and that is why in school Eddie had to tell his friends that he never met his mother, and when asked about his father? He tells them that his father is never home, and he is raised by a friend of the family, and then when he is actually a part of a wrestling orginization because of the rosario name? He fails, because he received no advice from his father, and when his father actually acknowledges him? It wasn't him acknowledging him, but him using him to get what he wants.

Joey pauses for a moment.

Joey Leclair: Now Rosario I bet you are questioning why I am bringing personal life into wrestling right? Well it has everything to do with wrestling! It's all about legacy, because you see the fact of the matter is that you can have everyone on the street know your name, but do they really care? because when you get older and lay on your death bed? Will any of them be at your side? NO! will any of your children be at your side? NO, because they didnt have anyone to teach them to care, they was raised by money, and so maybe if you pay them to come see you in your final days, or maybe if you give them enough money in your last rites then maybe they will show, but will they care? no... it's quite sad really.

Joey looks down for a minute before raising his head greeting Rosario's eyes once again.

Joey Leclair: When federations sign you? They sign you because of your name, because of your star factor, but before they do? Every single one asks the same question. Yes Rosario is a huge name, and a big draw, but he has a reputation for being a snake, and having a huge ego, and he always asks a huge amount of money to work for someone, are we willing to pay for someone so toxic? and in the end they always sign you just for the notoriaty of your name, but at the end of the day? Your fame only lasts as long as your bank account does, as soon as you retire, and your bank account starts thining out? people will start to forget about you as time passes, and your legacy will fade to nothing, but me? When they sign me they say that Leclair has put on some great matches, and been in the main event scene a few times, but he isn't really a big draw, but much like me they sign me anyways, and why do they sign me everytime? Because they know that I ask for a small amount of money, because I respect this business, and everyone in the locker room, and they know I don't ask for much, and that I am easy to work with, they know that I am a work horse who will always deliver when they need me! So Rosario it all boils down to Legacy.. You are much like the Helena Noir's, and Gustavo's of this business.. Everyone knows your name as long as you are here, but once you are gone? You are gone, but me I am like the Raijiko Murray, and Bustin Dustin's of this world who will be remembered for many generations for being one of the best in the world!

Joey twirls his microphone between his fingers before placing it back to his lips.

Joey Leclair: Legacy is what everything in life is about even wrestling, and in the end? My legacy will live forever while your's will fade to nothing so tell me Rosario? Who is the true piece of crap! You say that all these people in the crowd are waiting for something to go wrong, and when it does they will turn their back on their friends, and family, but it's all about perspective, maybe their friends or family, are forcing them into situations they dont wanna be in, and maybe they are threating to ruin them if they don't side with them, and maybe as soon as they get the opportunity they get out of that relationship, and start actually living for themselves, much like I did in riding myself of you, and now I am standing on my own two feet, and now I am about to soar to new heights while you fall on your ass.

Big Boss start laughing before getting serious

BBR: Joey do you really think I care that you are a father of twins? I mean one is a mistake but you got it twice...You deserve a medal for that, at first it's all cute but when you on the road you will realize you can't do both...be a good father and being a good wrestler...you will have to choose and lucky for me I never had that problem, you talk about about being a father when you surely does not know what's being one. You are starting to become one...while I...I'm one but never said good...I'm a bad one fixing my mistakes of the past...I never had a father, I was an orphan and look at the empire I built on my own! Eddie is now a trainer and Night Wolf is doing his own fitness business. They are both successfull and they didn't need my help...I was their motivation to make it without me and they succeed.

Big Boss pauses for a moment

BBR: Joey I assume you want something from me, cuase you seem to know more about me then I...why is that? Why are you so obsess with me? Why are you here to day? Why are interrupting with my life? Do you want my life? I can give it to you if it's what you want ha ha ha...it's start to be scary and lame at the same time. I mean do you have a legacy to build? Don't you have a purpose in all this? If it's exposing me as a snake some guys named Zero already did it before so this is getting old...if you have something to do...

Big Boss approaches the ropes and sits on the second.

BBR: Why don't you step in the ring son and show me what you want Joseph.

Joey stands there smiling as he places the microphone to his lips

Joey Leclair: You stand in that ring, and act like I have an obession with me, an the claim that you it's impossible to both raise a family, and be a good wrestler. You act like you know me, and why shouldn't you? You spent years trying to mold me into your own image, but now that I broke away from you, you get all butt hurt that I am for the first time in my life being Joseph Leclair, and not Prayme Rosario!

Joey begins taking slow steps down the ramp

Joey Leclair: I do not believe in impossible, I believe in difficult situations, but not impossible, and I live for breaking down barriers for example? I was told I would never graduate high school, and not only did I graduate? I did so at the top of my class!, I was told I would never get a girlfriend, and now I am married with kids on the way, I was told I would never make it as a wrestler, I have held a world championship, and put on countless match of the nights, and I will for damn sure be a good father, and a good wrestler at the same time, because unlike you I am willing to put in hard work and dedication to break down barriers and make things work.

Joey reaches the edge of the ring, and stares up into the ring at Rosario.

Joey Leclair: You say I am obsessed just because I know a whole lot about you, and why shouldn't I? You did try to mold me, but the fact of the matter is that you have a lot to learn about Joey Leclair.

Joey slides under the ropes standing face to face with Big Boss Rosario.

Joey Leclair: Truth of the matter is that my legacy has nothing to do with you, but it has everything to do with getting rid of my past demons, and all of that is taking care of except for you Big Boss Rosario.. I have been in the same locker room with you all my career, but have never faced you before, and so you are the roadblock preventing me from moving forward, and after I defeat you, and stand over you looking down at a broken man? I can than look up, and look forward towards building my legacy, but for now? I am standing right here in front of you so make a move (Censored)!.

Joey stands there staring down Big Boss Rosario waiting for him to make a move.

Big Boss Rosario who has a serious look on his face begins to have a smile on his face. He stares Joey for a moment then he slowly bring his hand up and grab his shades and take them.off so he can stare at Joey right in his eyes not blinking.

He later brings his other hand with his mic in hand
And start talking eye balling Joey.

BBR: I see what you're doing son... You want me to make the move when you're the one with a dream of being over...fun fact is that I already beaten you in the past present and future. You're the one coming after me...like a puppy to his master...you'll never do something unless I tell you to do...so if there is someone with something to prove to everyone here...is you.

Big Boss takes a step back and slowly turns around giving his back to Joey.

BBR: I'll make it easier for you Joey...now you can hit me...it gives you the situation you wanted...go ahead prove that you're still the -censored- you always been.

Joey gets an annoyed look on his face, and places his right hand on Rosario's right shoulder, and turns him around to face him once more.

Joey Leclair: If I am going to attack you then I am going to do it to your face.

Joey reaches and takes Rosario's shades, and drops them to the ground, and stomps on them.

Joey Leclair: I'll say it once more, make a move! Show everyone in this arena why they call you Big Boss, or maybe you are just a child playing wannabe boss.

Joey drops his microphone to the mat waiting for Rosario to make a move.

Big Boss shows some frustrations as he gets nose to nose with Joey but quickly walks back and then nods and walks by Joey with head high and exits the ring as he reaches the ramp he points at him and says " you're not worth of my time I've done it all''

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