Greener Pastures

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Greener Pastures

Post  Matt Riddle on Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:28 am

The CarnageTron flickers with static for a second before cutting to the backstage area. Matt Riddle is seen walking through the corridors of backstage, greeting everyone he passes with a high-five and a smile. He notices the camera, and nods them over.
Matt Riddle: Hello, Carnage fans! Tonight, the King of Bros is back in action against Repo Man. I'm interested in what this guy can bring to the table, and I'm also interested to see if I can make him tap out.
He pauses to high-five a technician that walks past him.
Matt Riddle: I know I lost against Lottie last season, but you've gotta admit - it was a hell of a match! I'd do it again if I could, she's great.
He takes a second to shrug and looks a little remorseful, but it soon disappears.
Matt Riddle: I had my chance, and I blew it. Like I said last season, I'm here to have fun. Too stressful to get caught up in the pains of losing - just take life as it comes. Roll with the waves. See you out there, bros!
Matt fist-bumps the camera, grinning, before walking out of shot. The picture cuts to static again before fading to black.
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