Rachel Leblanc in RDS

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Rachel Leblanc in RDS

Post  BBR on Tue May 29, 2018 3:54 am

A video is playing on the giant screen in the arena of Rachel Leblanc having an interview by RDS in Montreal,Quebec.

Luc Payette: ‘‘Local hero, successful woman in finance and marketing, former champion and important member of the dominant group known as The Revenants. Rachel Leblanc welcome and thank you for joining us.’’

Rachel blushes

Rachel Leblanc: ‘‘Thank you for inviting me.’’

Luc Payette: ‘‘How does it feel to be back in the industry?’’

Rachel Leblanc: "Humm it feels good, actually very good I missed it so much and now that I Am back in the business I can start over and make new goals."

Luc Payette: "Just to make it clear, you were injured in a live show in Germany following that night you decided to retire from wrestling which led CIR to make the decision to make you drop the championship belt the following night right?"

Rachel Leblanc: "I got injured and I got scared that i could aggravate it thru my title reign and I didn’t want to have a career ending injury or worse also not put the company in a bad position with me. It meant to me to keep a good relationship with the people that gave me the opportunity to showcase myself and hold a championship gold.’’

Luc Payette: "Why pairing with Rosario? You’re currently considerate one of the bad guys and we’re curious of the reason of the turn specially from you.’’

Rachel Leblanc: "Being with Rosario is the best decision I ever made, plus he was the first person to give me the platform to become the person I Am today, loyalty is rare nowadays and I believe being loyal brings good karma. About being on the side of the bad guys is nothing new to me I’ve managed The Revenants thru their dominant reign over many companies and I learned a lot from them. It wasn’t easy to turn on the fans and make them hate us but that’s the business and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it big…again!’’

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