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Beat The Clock

Post  Jimmy James on Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:47 pm

Commissioner Adam Harvey is seen sitting behind his desk and has his focus on the camera placed horizontal to him. He smiles to the camera as he waits a few seconds before begins to speak.
Adam Harvey: "Hello fans and thanks you for watching tonight's episode of CiR: Bloodshed. While I wish I could be there in person, I am away on business at the moment so this message is being recording on Friday. I'm sure the show has been great so far, as it always is with the Carnage in Ring roster. But I'm here to address the pay-per-view in a few weeks: RISK.
This past Wednesday on Infamy, I came to the ring to announce that at RISK Ellinor would defend the Queen of Carnage Championship for the final title against Christy Nicks and Anna in a triple threat match. At RISK, whoever is pinned must fulfil your risk but the question remains what is their risks? We will figure that out sooner rather than later but I have an idea for it that I will introduce in a few moments."

Adam nods his head to the camera and continues.
Adam Harvey: "After losing to two men last season, Vahn will defend the CiR Bloodshed Championship against those two men. It will be another triple threat match involving Vahn, General Freedom, and the former Bloodshed Champion Steven Why.
Now on to my idea... competition.
Everyone on the roster wants competition, so I'm going to give them just that because next week on Bloodshed we will have the first of three matchups that will lead up to RISK. Those three matches will be contested as... The Beat The Clock Challenge!"

The feed cuts back to the arena as it shows fans cheering and clapping for this idea. It shows Adam on the screen smiling and fades back to him.
Adam Harvey: "Next week will have Christy Nicks versus CiR Bloodshed Champion Vahn. Whoever wins that match will set the time to beat for the match in two weeks, CiR Queen of Carnage Champion Ellinor versus General Freedom. Either they will go to a draw or set a new time, which will be then contested in our final match three weeks from now: Anna versus Steven Why.
Now the question on everyone's mind is, what is the reward for the Beat The Clock Challenge? Well, it's simple. Once you win, you get to set a RISK for one person in your triple threat match and they must accept it; no matter how violent or unethical. That means a champion could even end up with two risks that they have on the line; including their championship.
After the Steven Why and Anna match, we will bring all of the six participants to the ring and allow the winner to name their selected opponent that will have to aceept the risk. Then the others will announce their risks, and finally the Beat The Clock Challenge winner will announce their chosen risk."

Adam grabs the handle of his coffee mug and lifts it to take a sip of it. After a few seconds, he lowers it and smiles to the camera.
Adam Harvey: "I hope you are all as excited as I am for this Beat The Clock Challenge. All I have left to say is... Vahn, Steven, General, Ellinor, Anna, Christy... I hope you are ready."
The screen fades to black.
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