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Post  Matt Riddle on Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:51 am

"I told you that we would see what happened, Prayme..."

The voice echoes through the arena, and the titantron flickers to life, showing Matt Riddle sat in a plain white room, facing the camera.

Matt Riddle: You came, sniveling and complaining, and I said that we would see. We would see if your words held any merit, if you had the backbone to back up your bravado with action, if you could go toe to toe with me and leave with your arrogance intact...

He smiles, though it isn't what the fans are used to seeing. It is cold, smug.

Matt Riddle: I guess we all saw, didn't we? In the end, you tapped out to the Bromission, just like Svart will tonight, and just like Lottie will at RISK. Because I proved myself. I did it last season against everyone I faced, Lottie included, I did it last week against you, Prayme, and I will do it again tonight against Alexander Svart. You're all just obstacles in the road to my well earned title shot.

The titantron cuts out, and the fans are confused. They aren't used to him being so... Serious. Or cold. Nevertheless, the arena is notably devoid of Bro chants...
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