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N and Adam(N-famy)

Post  Mister N on Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:06 pm

The camera fades into the backstage area where a man is seen walking towards the general manager's office. As he approaches the door the man is revealed to be Mister N. Mister N opens the door, and the camera follows him to Adam Harvey's desk, where Adam is busy with papers, but looks up to see N walk in

Adam Harvey: N? Uh...what brings you here?

N raises his eyebrows, then takes a chair and sits down, still staring at Adam. After a moment, Adam sighs, pushes away his papers and focuses on N

Adam Harvey: Ok, fine, I know why you're here, but...well, in my defense I had the Ryan Magnus match booked prior to week 4 of last season. It was pretty much official, and the way I thought things were gonna go...I thought after you two had your match it would be mutual respect. You yourself are a guy who's accomplished alot within a short period of time, Ryan Magnus is someone who looked to be heading down the same path. After your match was done, I wanted to see what the two of you could do against the tag team champs. But I wasn't anticipating his...attitude change.

N smirks, then shakes his head

Mister N: You still thought going through with that match was an OK thing to do? Adam, I know that guy's type. He can't handle the fact that there's someone out there who can school him, someone who he can't beat. Yet you still thought it was a good idea to put the two of us together to take on not just any tag team, but the champs?

Adam looks at N

Adam Harvey: Ok, maybe I could have changed it, bu-

Mister N: You should have changed it. 'Cause no way in hell we were gonna gel together good enough to beat the tag team champs. Last week should never have happened.

Adam sighs, then looks at the stack of papers

Adam Harvey: Well, I wouldn't normaly do this with other talent, but in your case I'll make an exception. Here's how I make it up to you. You're already in the Risk Or Reward match...but you said you wanted a rematch against Jimmy James?

N stands up

Mister N: Go on...

Adam Harvey: I can give you that match, as early as...well, week 4 Bloodshed. Wasn't planning on it but...here it is

N waits a moment, then nods his head

Mister N: That's not bad. Bu-

Adam Harvey: And yeah, you also have a match against Matt Riddle next week. Get prepared for that.

N frowns, and then moves towards the door

Mister N: Ok, but wh-

Adam Harvey: N, you're going to have to get out of my office. I have loads of papers file, booking things I have to do, really don't need you here anymore...

Adam gestures at N to get out, and N stares at Adam for a moment before taking his leave and the camera zooming out
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