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My Championship

Post  Jimmy James on Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:08 am

The back of a white baseball jersey with blue lettering is shown. The name and the number: James, 1.
Jimmy James turns around towards the camera wearing his dark blue and black tiger skin printed tights, black boots with white soles, black tape covering his hands and wrists, and the before mentioned unbuttoned Las Vegas 51s Home Replica Jersey. There is a smile that could reach both ends of the Grand Canyon on his face as he looks into the lens of the camera.

Jimmy James: “Happy, happy days, friends! Haha! I’m so glad that Adam has finally decided to do something great with his life and give me a championship match.
Sure, it isn’t the CiR World Heavyweight Championship, but this is the Annihilation Championship. It is the championship that took the clay known as Jimmy James and formed him into the pot, vase, or whatever clay can be known as ‘The Superstar.’”

As he finishes his sentence, he grabs the opening of his jersey with both hands and holds it open to expose his chest and abs. He wipes his mouth and a smirk quickly returns to his face.
Jimmy James: “First, I get to beat up Steven Rausch last week and don’t get punished. Second, I get a championship match for the same championship that I held for the record setting 441 days until I lost that blue strapped title on June 7, 2015.
This is the championship that made me the first person ever to hold a championship for longer than a year in CiR history. The championship that helped me create The Entourage… all by myself… and lead me to destroy The Entourage. This championship has a rich history, and I know exactly what people think when they see it.
When the fans and the boys see the Annihilation Championship, the don’t see the five-time champion Chris Jackson, the first champion Lee Jordan, the person that beat me for it King, or even its current holder Rated RS. They think of me… the former CiR World Heavyweight Champion and the longest reigning Annihilation Champion in history… Jimmy James.”

Jimmy leans back to hop himself up onto a production crate to give himself a seat. As the camera centers itself again, a pair of blue wayfarer sunglasses can be seen sitting on the crate beside Jimmy. He rubs his hands together, looking in the distance while nodding his head. ‘The Superstar’ intertwines his hands together and turns his attention back to the camera in front of him.
Jimmy James: “So I know what I’m looking to do tonight and that is bring this whole thing full circle.
I’ve been to the top of the mountain as CiR World Heavyweight Champion and that is something you, Rated, haven’t done. You consider yourself a World Heavyweight Champion material but that doesn’t mean [censored] until you have won the gold. So, when you stand there and say that the Annihilation Championship is a stepping stone, it’s spitting in my face because you don’t deserve to be World Heavyweight Champion.
I do.
So, as I said a moment ago, we are going full circle. I held that silver championship in my hands for nearly a year and half and went on to win the World Championship. Now I’m back in the hunt for that silver championship with the blue strap again… and I’m taking it with me.”

‘The Superstar’ grabs his blue sunglasses and places them on his face; completing his attire.
Jimmy James: “You can say this and that and King can say whatever about the champion versus champion, winner takes all idea he had for RISK. The fact of the matter is I don’t care, because I’m taking that championship back tonight a little over three years to the day that I lost it.
Rated, after tonight you will see that the Annihilation Championship isn’t a stepping stone. It’s Jimmy James’ championship.”

Jimmy blows a quick kiss to the camera and winks. The camera slowly fades out on Jimmy’s smirking face.
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