Addressing Risk Or Reward

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Addressing Risk Or Reward

Post  Mister N on Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:35 am

Mister N: Well here I am...second week of the season, no match of course, this week is more like my week off but...I think it’s the perfect time to address some things regarding me, and of course the Risk or Reward match.

N walks around the ring a little, then speaks

Mister N: First, let’s just talk about the actual match. It’s a very...luck based format, right. If i manage to secure a briefcase in the match, I could just open it and find out I’ll be getting zero title shots for 4 whole seasons. For someone with my talent, that would be a huge blow. At the same time, I could get a free shot at the World Heavyweight title...or I could just choose between the Bloodshed and Annihilation titles. There’s also a tag team title opportunity at play.

N shrugs

Mister N: It’s a dangerous position to be in. Sure it’s a 25 percent chance, but if you get that no title shots briefcase, and in 4 PPVs you could lose any steam you’ve generated. Just left to slowly go down the card.

N pauses

Mister N: I’m speaking from the average wrestler’s viewpoint, obviously. Me personally, I think I have the talent to prove myself without directly holding the belt for that long. That does not mean I’m fine with getting it. Like I’ve stated, it would be a huge blow, a multitude of opportunities just taken from me.

N pauses again, then sighs, looking at the crowd

Mister N: Let’s not talk about that. In fact…

N frowns

Mister N: We’re going to the very cliched thing of running through my opponents. In fact, I have a list....

N pulls out a piece of paper, and unravels it, holding it in one hand while the mic is in the other

Mister N: First person on this list...Ryan Magnus...there’s literally nothing to say on him. He’s a young guy who can’t handle the fact that he’s outclassed anytime he steps in the ring with me. That’s it. Second on this list...Tom Midas. I’m familiar with Tom, his finisher got me out of the Bloodshed chamber, so he’s uh, he’s gonna be making up for that I assure you.

N adjusts the piece of paper

Mister N: After that, Python. The apparent…”snake” of the company. He hasn’t been in the ring with me before, so I feel compelled to warn him that it’s not going to be the average matches Adam Harvey gives him. I expect you to bring your A game, and I’ll do likewise, but for you that just means another loss.

N shrugs

Mister N: Victor Machado...I actually like him. And I’m more than familiar with who he is, trust me. But, that being said...well, that’s actually all there is to be said. I have no bad blood with him, but all the same, just like the past two PPVs I’ve been in a match with him, its not gonna be easy. As you yourself would say, “a tough nut to crack”.

N laughs, then looks at the piece of paper

Mister N: The next person is Prayme Rosario.

N pauses

Mister N: I don’t know what to think of this man. I don’t know whether to applaud him for coming back time and time again when clearly the rest of the generation is way ahead of where he is physically, or to call him out for leaving so damn much. Above all, I don’t know what he’s thinking saying that he can still hang around with the new generation. He can’t. Matt Riddle laid waste to the guy a week ago...and I would normally applaud his resilience and ability to keep on going, but it’s his attitude man...I just can’t like the guy. Don’t think I didn’t see what he did to Kory Lanes last week.

N shakes his head

Mister N: All I have to say to say, in this match you’re hanging with the best of the best. Not only do you have your former best friend in Henri Black, who I’ll get to in a second, but you have me. I’m the [censored] future of this business, I’ve been proving it time and time again….now I get a chance to beat respect into one of the legends of the business. And not only am I gonna beat respect into you, I’m gonna be beating realization into you. If all goes well, you’re gonna be going right back to retirement. Or whatever you’re definition of “retirement” is.

N takes a breath

Mister N: Next is Henri Black.

The crowd starts cheering

Mister N:  I’ve watched him for a long time, was lucky to be in one other fed with him in NFG. Along with Rosario, but he was the main guy stealing headlines. I always wanted to go against him, to take his throne. I probably would’ve but the dude left. Now he’s here again, competeing in the same match I am…

N smirks

Mister N: You damn well bet I’m gonna take the opportunity. And this doesn’t just go for Black, this goes for all 6 of you. You’re not dealing with some normal wrestler with a dream. I’m a guy, who has the talent to make his dream reality. And barely anyone can say that confidently and still show it in the ring. Risk or Reward, for all 6 of you, is gonna be hell. Get ready for it.

N drops his mic, and exits the ring
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